Since its release in September on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, many fans and followers of Rockstar’s latest title Grand Theft Auto V have been holding out for news of a potential PC port since its predecessor, GTA IV, received a welcomed PC edition months after its console debut back in April of 2008.

When asked whether or not there is a chance we may see a PC port of the game during a call last Monday, CEO of Take-Two Interactive Karl Slatoff discouraged the idea by stating, “At this point there’s really nothing for us to say about that.” Going on to explain, “We haven’t announced anything as it relates to any other platforms versus what’s out there.”

Last month we told you about “PC versions” of the game listed on French and German Amazon stores without a release date, though despite this, the publisher remains adamantly silent regarding the potential for a PC release.

With sales to retail hitting a seemingly insurmountable high of 32.5 million, putting the game on record as the best-selling console game of all time, it’s obvious that Take-Two could easily afford to dish out the title on to a PC line, but it seems as of now any chances of a PC port are distant at best.

How do you feel about Take-Two’s decision to distance themselves on the subject of a potential port? Do you think we may ever see GTA V hit the tertiary platform, or perhaps they have plans to bring the game to next-gen systems? Keep an eye out for more coverage!

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James Knack

A port to Next Gen would be great if they can get it out in time. With the amazing performance of Tomb Raider someone there has to be considering it.