Starting from today in the US, HTC vouch to replace the screen of your busted HTC during the first six months of ownership if you’re clumsy enough to drop it. The new screen replacement service comes as part of ‘HTC Advantage’ a new initiative from the company.

With HTC Advantage you’ll receive a one-off complementary screen replacement for the first six months of owning one of the three devices eligible. HTC’s reason behind this new initiative is “because when you buy the best, it should stay that way—from technology to design to your content—at no additional cost.” Lovely!

HTC Advantage not only covers this one-time screen swap but also details HTC’s commitment to software upgrades on their latest devices, something that the company has been lacking for some time.

The introduction of HTC Advantage also comes with a tasty side order of storage as customers will also be getting some added Google Drive space. HTC Max owners get 50GB of space, and owners of other models will be receiving 25GB that is after Sense 5.5 has been installed.

Unfortunately HTC Advantage and the Google Drive storahe only applies to those living in North America who have purchased the HTC One, HTC One Mini, and HTC Max from today onward. So if you purchased a brand new HTC phone yesterday I’d keep that phone safe. If you purchased today.. Well.. Have some fun, go and play catch with your new phone, what’s the worst that can happen??

HTC are yet to reveal if HTC Advantage will be spreading its wings elsewhere.

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