Hideo Kojima is a name that we all know in the gaming industry. Known for being the director, producer and main man on the Metal Gear Solid franchise, we all love him for his wacky creative ways. But it seems that Kojima wouldn’t mind moving away from his beloved franchise and focusing on other areas in gaming.

I guess no one likes to be holed into one area, even if he has created some of the most classic games in history. Speaking with Game Informer, Kojima compares passing on the franchise in the way Ridley Scott passed on the Alien franchise “At Kojima Productions, if our studio were a kitchen and the head chef changes, then it changes the flavor and it changes. The world franchise usually becomes more open, as in Alien […] Alien is a very successful example [of a new director coming in]. Unfortunately in our case it’s more like Terminator, that once Cameron steps out of it there was kind of a mess.”

In the interview he also mentions how he would like to work on games with an Indie feel. It’s a pretty great sentiment with recent events of Ken Levine announcing the closing of Irrational Games.

Kojima also concluded the interview by stating that he would like to see Metal Gear Solid reach the level that Grand Theft Auto has, focusing on an open world concept but at the same time working in parallel to balance Konami as a whole.

It’d be interesting to see Kojima step away from the franchise, especially to move on to Indie titles. At the same time it could go either way with the MGS series. What do you guys think?

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