HTC Jetstream

Some more Nexus 10 rumours have popped up again, this time suggesting that Google are looking to rekindle a relationship with old friend, HTC, on bringing out a new Nexus tablet – more specifically the Nexus 10, according to sources.

The news comes from DigiTimes who have reportedly heard from ‘industry sources’ that Google are tapping HTC to launch the next Nexus 10. A surprising partnership considering HTC’s dip into the tablet market in 2011 didn’t exactly go too well.

This would however match up with previous rumours of Google and HTC working together again as well as the various rumours suggesting that someone else will be taking over development of the Nexus 10 from Samsung who began to manufacture the current model way back in 2012.

Considering HTC haven’t been doing so well and are shifting focus not only on a new flaghship device but as well on launching more affordable handsets, I’d be surprised if this rumour is true.

I do like surprises though.

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Frank Sevek
Frank Sevek

Dude, where did you go to school?Your use of English is terrible.
You said, “Google are looking.” It’s Google is looking.
You said, “Google are tapping.” same thing
You said, “HTC haven’t been doing” It’s hasn’t
Go back to school