Microsoft have revealed the first two [email protected] games that’ll be coming to the Xbox One next month, the first with the least information is a new Worms title from Team 17, the second is a new Nutjitsu title from World of Keflings developer Ninjabee.

OXM reports that Team 17 has got a new Worms title up their sleeves, following the announcement Team 17 revealed that the game will be called Worms: Battlefield with an expected release of 2014. The second title, Nutjitsu, is already available on Windows Phone store, and offers PAC-Man like gameplay with cutesy hand-drawn graphics.

Nutjistu requires players to control a ninja squirrel who’s goal is to steal back acorns from foxes. It’s primarily top down with gameplay aspects similar to PAC-Man, as well as the ability to collect power ups and more. The foxes aim to make things difficult by following your silent steps by scent.

No other details were revealed but [email protected] director Chris Charla says they’ll launch some time in March.

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