iPhone 5C all long

Sadly sales of the iPhone 5C haven’t exactly been booming, even Tim Cook himself said that sales of Apple’s new low-ish priced colourful handsets were lower than expected. With that being said, it looks like Apple might be considering giving the Axe to their colourfully plastic smartphone either during, or soon after the iPhone 6 reveal.

Even though the company hasn’t announced any plans we all know that Apple will be announcing and most probably launching a new iPhone this year. Dubbed the iPhone 6, rumours surrounding the new iDevice are coming in thick and fast. Sadly the latest rumour suggests that Apple’s iPhone 5C might be discontinued following the launch of the new iPhone.

According to a report from the South China Morning Post, two insiders claim that Apple will be discontinuing the colourful device much like Apple canned the iPhone 5 at the iPhone 5C/5S reveal. Sales haven’t been great, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

As for the iPhone 5S, well that’ll be sticking around, though the South China Morning Post claims that it’ll be “made from cheaper material.” I’m not entirely sure what that means as that would suggest that Apple will be completely revising 5S, essentially making it a new phone?

Either way, it’s looking pretty likely that Apple will be saying “sayonara” to the colourful, plastic iPhone.

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