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Wires are the bane of my life. They’re never long enough, they always get tangled up, and I can never get my phone out of my pocket to change the track or press the button quick enough to answer a call. That’s where the Jabra Tag comes in. This dog-tag style Bluetooth mobile headset aims to tackle the fight that I have with unnecessary wires everywhere as well as offering a way to easily control music and my smartphone at the push of a button.

First impressions left me a little confused. The headphones that come with the Jabra Tag aren’t like normal headphones, they’re split all the way to the jack only to be held together by a small plastic clip. I was unsure at first how to actually wear the headset until I realised the headphones act as a sort-of necklace giving the impression of a dog-tag.. hence the name.

Confusing headphone cables aside the Jabra Tag itself is lightweight and ridiculously easy to set up. All you’re required to do is have bluetooth turned on, on whichever device you want to hook up, press and hold the main button at the top and wait for the in-ear prompt “Power On”, that’s right the thing talks to you. Once the device is powered on choose the Jabra Tag on your device and if successful you’ll hear “Connected!” in your ears.

The device also lets you know when you’re running low on battery, something I’ve only heard once as I used the device for a few hours straight out of the box. Since charging, which takes around two hours, I haven’t heard it at all and I’ve given the Jabra Tag plenty of use for a good few hours in total which is brilliant. Charging is easy too as it works with any micro USB charger, so if you have an Android device you’ll be able to charge it easily.

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In terms of sound the Jabra Tag has it’s own volume control along with the volume control on your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player, in some cases this is pretty neat as you can keep your smartphone volume high whilst having a low-ish volume on the Jabra Tag. The sound quality is exceptional, there’s always clear sound and EQ levels are left up to your music playing device which is great. I did experience a few skips during use but it wasn’t at all problematic.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled device to hand the Jabra Tag also has a built in FM radio giving you the change to listen to music on the go without the need for a clunky smartphone or MP3 player getting in the way. I found it fairly easy to find a radio station but it does depend on your location and the signal strength of the broadcast.

My only real niggle with the Jabra Tag was the headphones that came with it which in part are a big feature to the device. Personally I found the earbuds a little uncomfortable and they’d often ‘pop out’ of my ears causing me to push them back in far too often. It’s not actually too much of a problem because you can use the Jabra Tag with any pair of headphones and can easily clip the dog-tag style controller onto your jeans, jumper, or belt.

Jabra Tag 3

Again, this is more personal preference and for some, the earbuds could be quite comfortable, it just didn’t work for me which was a shame considering how the main attraction of the Jabra Tag is that it can be worn like a set of dog tags.

Overall I love the device paired with my own set of headphones I’ll probably be using the device for a long time to come, the battery life is exquisite, the sound quality is perfect, and the device itself is non-intrusive, easy to set up, and really simple to use. Oh, and it can be used to take, and make calls which is perfect! Though if you have the Jabra Tag clipped on your belt the person you’re calling may not be able to hear you as the microphone is built into the device itself, not the headphones like usual mobile headsets.

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