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When Finnish company Jolla announced the Sailfish powered smarphone, also called Jolla, I thought there was something odd about it. It looked like two smartphones had been sandwiched together, it wasn’t until the company launched the new smart cover titled “The Other Half” that I realised that it really is two phones, sandwiched together!

The Other Half smart cover is less of a pretty cover and more of an intelligent back cover replacement with customisations built in. Available in Keira Black or Aloe these two ‘smartcovers’ not only customise the colour of the back of your Jolla, but they also change the UI and overall phone experience too.

The built in NFC technology in each scratch resistant back cover allows the user to customise their Jolla experience to suit their mood or current situation. Essentially, one cover could be for work, another could be for home. What’s more, the company have released a development kit for The Other Half allowing third parties to also come up with more custom back covers to suit other situations.

“The Other Half concept is an innovation platform full of promise.” Jolla explains on their website. “Today, you can match your ambience with the The Other Half Keira Black or Aloe. Tomorrow, you can enjoy new The Other Half creations by our partners and community.”

Each smartcover will set you back around 29€  which is around £25 which isn’t too bad, though Jolla haven’t released as much information as I’d like. Is this just a cover or is it a battery too?

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