LG G 2

According to a recent press invite sent out to Korean press, LG are planning to unveil something on February 13 ahead of the Mobile World Congress that begins on the following week. We’re all expecting the oft rumoured LG G Pro 2.

The press invite for LG’s press event features the words “Knock Knock Knockin'” which of course could hint that the LG G Pro 2 will come with the “Knock” feature that comes with the LG G2. The “Knock” feature lets users just tap on the phones screens in order to wake up and then unlock the phone, a much needed feature considering the power button is on the back.

The LG G Pro 2 has been rumoured to feature a 6-inch QHD display with its insides sporting a Snapdragon 800 processor partnered up with 3GB RAM. LG themselves have spilled the beans on the LG G Pro 2 camera saying that it’ll boast a 13 megapixel camera using OIS+ technology that’s rumoured to record 4K HD video as well as slow motion and a few other unique camera modes.

The latest specification rumour points to the LG G Pro 2 coming with a fantastic pair of speakers to rival that of HTC’s Boom Sound giving a more fuller, richer sound compared to other smartphones. Something that I’d absolutely adore!

As yet there’s no word on the availability of the LG G Pro 2, but we can hopefully expect something on February 13, and if not, something will sure come out of the Mobile World Congress.

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