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LocoCycle a game from Twisted Pixel Games has gotten a release date for its Xbox 360 version. Valentines Day! Xbox 360 owners can soon take control of I.R.I.S and intelligent motorcycle capable of performing 40 forms of combat and able to speak 50 languages. That’s one clever bike!

LocoCylce 01As well as the Xbox 360 version, Lococycle will be released on Steam February 14th too. I.R.I.S also has a companion in the form of Pablo, a mechanic who is dragged behind the bike during their adventures.

LocoCycle comes from the Studio behind games like Ms. Splosion Man and The Gunstringer. LocoCycle was a release date game for the Xbox One and due to popular demand has made its way to different platforms. Because of this Twisted Pixel Games are holding an awesome competition for one lucky gamer to win a Xbox 360 with an I.R.I.S flair. If you fancy your chances at the competition you can find the details of it here.

LocoCycle can be your Valentine for about £6.00 and you too can help I.R.I.S and Pablo on their adventure!

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