LINE, the Japanese instant messaging program is quickly becoming a popular choice for users who want to send instant messages. Like WhatsApp you can register using your phone number or like other instant messaging services you can sign up without, great for those on tablets and iPod touches.

One of the most appealing and revolutionary features of LINE is the use of stickers which, if you haven’t noticed, has become all the rage now. On LINE alone there are over 1 billion stickers sent by worldwide users on a daily basis. This is the app to blame for all of the silly stickers now on apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and soon BlackBerry Messenger.

In recent news LINE has announced a brand new feature for budding artists out there, The Line Creators Market, a brand new feature that allows anyone to create their own sticker set and sell them on the market. The Line Creators Market is available for anyone to sign up right now but won’t be accepting submissions until April.

Users who do create sticker sets that are approved by LINE will be able to sell them at around 100 Yen (about $1) and will receive around 50% of the sales. In a press release LINE said that it “looks forward to accelerating LINE’s global expansion with the further localization of stickers through this effort.”

Following the Line Creators Market announcement, LINE also revealed plans to add data calling plans to people can call non-LINE users, similar to Skype. In a press release the company revealed more details on the service that they’re calling LINE Call. LINE Call will be rolling out to Japan, the United States of America, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, and the Philippines in March this year and will allow users to call anyone to make “low-cost calls to landlines and mobile phones domestically and internationally.”

Earlier this week, soon after Facebook announced plans to purchase WhatsApp, the free messaging service went down for they’re calling their longest and biggest outage since the apps launch. In total the messaging app was down for around four hours which doesn’t seem too long, but it did cause some problems.

Jumping on WhatsApps misfortune, LINE revealed that during WhatsApps four hour outage, the Japanese messaging app gained around two million new users in a single day. Whether or not they continued to use the app once WhatsApp came back online is another question.

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