If you’ve been getting excited about the prospect of playing Predator inspired multiplayer monster hunting bonanza, Evolve, you’ll be fit to explode at the first footage of the game.

It’s not actual gameplay but the cinematic trailer manages to hook you into the journey. Following the band of four hunters as they fly into a dense jungle and cautiously step through the greenery with eyes scanning the surroundings as Lissie’s cover of the Danzig hit, Mother, sets the atmosphere for the big encounter.

There’s a hint of the flora and fauna of the showcased world, scaled reptilian creatures and firefly-like insects dotted around. Giant mushrooms stand at the height of a man under towering palms and oversized ferns. It really is a sight to behold, especially when the humungous, fire-breathing Goliath plows it’s way out of the trees in a killing frenzy.

Turtle Rock have been pushing the four vs one gameplay and the title Evolve looks to describe both the game and the evolution of what we see as online entertainment. Having a game that has been playable for two and a half years is an exciting prospect when you figure that amount of time has been spent tweaking and upgrading.

Press play for some moody and magnificent looking action above, not to mention the choice of soundtrack just adds to that feeling of mounting tension.

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