This years Mobile World Congress is undoubtedly going to be the place where every man and his dog are going to reveal some sort of smart watch or wearable device, but what about a wearable smartphone? Well Alcatel OneTouch announced the POP Fit yesterday, a tiny 2.8″ smartphone that you wear..

“Compact, colourful, and wearable” is how Alcatel OneTouch describes the super slim and super small Alcatel OneTouch POP Fit, the first wearable smartphone aimed at fitness fanatics and music lovers. Unsurprisingly the POP Fit doesn’t really pack a punch in terms of power, but it comes with a massive amount of memory for such a small device and offers all the same features a much larger device has on offer.

Sporting a tiny 2.8″ QVGA display the POP Fit weighs in at a measly 78 Grams. Paired with the devices arm band and you’ve got yourself a fully fledged fitness tracker and music streaming machine. Available in either 16GB or 32GB you can expect to load plenty of music onto this device as well as all of the fitness apps you could imagine.

For music lovers the POP Fit comes with a unique Surround Sound System with JBL earphones bringing high quality sound from a tiny, tiny device. With a 1 GHz Dual Core processor don’t expect too much from this little bugger, but it’s enough for its intended use.

Of course, loaded with Google Play you can expect a plethora of fitness apps, music streaming apps, as well as radio and video streaming apps if you so wish.

Because the POP Fit is small the device has been tweaked a little to make it easier to use, for example, simply swipe right to access the pre-installed RunKeeper app or left to access the Multitasks Music Player, and with the devices unique 4-key floating keyboard users can still see the whole screen whilst typing.

The POP Fit is designed to be used almost instantly, out of the box, and comes in Red, Hot Pink, Slate, Fresh Turquoise and Flash Yellow, the device also comes with its own strap and cases, in the box there’s also a transparent flip cover with sensitive keys for easy control on the move and an armband cover accessory so that POP Fit features and apps are in easy reach.

The POP Fit is expected to hit stores around May this year, priced at around €89.


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