For months now we’ve been debating whether the rumoured forked Android powered Nokia smartphone first known as the Nokia Normandy, then known as the Nokia X, would actually ever manifest itself as an actual device or whether we’d forever be wondering, “what if?” Well this morning Nokia put an end to the debate by unveiling not one, but three Nokia X devices all of which run the forked Android we’ve all been wetting ourselves over the past few months..

First, we’ll begin with the oft rumoured Nokia X. The spec sheet that was leaked a few weeks ago was pretty much spot-on for the Nokia X, expect a 4″ IPS Display with a 3 megapixel camera, the device will run a 1GHz Dual Core Snapdragon Processor with 512MB RAM. As for memory, the Nokia X comes with 4GB internal memory with microSD support upto 32GB.

The Nokia X+ is much the same other than the added 768MB RAM. Both devices come in Bright Green, Bright Red, Cyan, Yellow, Black, and White. The device itself looks very much like a Nokia Lumia, but instead runs a heavily tweaked version of Android.

The Nokia XL is the Nokia X and X+’s big brother. The Nokia XL comes with a whopping 5-inch display which is powered by a 1GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4, with 768MB RAM. Much like the Nokia X the XL only has 4GB of internal memory but does also support microSD cards upto 32GB. The XL is also coming in bright green, orange, cyan, yellow, black and white.

All Nokia X devices come with Dual-Sim capabilities meaning you can easily switch between business and personal sim-cards without fiddling around.

In terms of availablity the Nokia X is available right now for only €89 with the X+ and the XL coming in the second quarter on 2014 priced at €99 and €109 respectively.

The most interesting part about the Nokia X family is the operating system. Though the device looks like a Windows Phone, the device actually runs a “forked” version of Android much like that found on the Kindle Fire. The device itself will come preloaded with Nokia favourites such as HERE maps and Microsoft apps such as Skype and One Drive, but Nokia have openly announced that you can sideload other apps from third party app stores if you so wish.

Each Nokia X device also comes with ‘Fastlane’, a screen which lets people switch between their favourite apps more smoothly.

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