The HTC One successor currently known as the HTC M8 has surfaced in brand-new pictures which show of the rather bewildering dual camera configuration which has been rumoured for quite some time. Sadly though, it looks pretty much identical to the HTC One..

The image, originally shared by @HTCFamily_RU, shows the rumoured dual camera as well as the addition of a dual LED flash in a position which would explain why the cut-out in the leaked cases had such an odd shape. If the image is to be believed the twin sensor camera technology could help with image stability or offer the ability to take multiple images before and after the shutter button is taken in order to give a better-focused image.

This does however smush the rumours suggesting HTC will go for a fingerprint scanner, at least, one that’s found on the back like the HTC One Max.

Separate from the leaked image above, HTCFamily_RU shared another image, this time of an outline of the HTC M8 that also included the on-screen buttons which have been rumoured to come on the next device.

Though the first image looks fairly legitimate, the second is simply just a line-drawing that could have been fashioned by anyone. I’m not saying that they’re not legitimate, just to take them with a pinch of salt, as always.

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