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Yesterday two very interesting things happened surrounding the rumoured imminent release of Nokia’s Android smartphone. The first was that Nokia Australia’s Facebook and Nokia India’s Twitter decided to go green and change both their profile images and cover images to the Nokia Lumia green. The second was @evleaks apparently “confirming” the specifications for the rumoured Nokia X smartphone.

At the time of writing both social networks have changed their colours, backgrounds, and cover images but UKMobileReview managed to grab two screen shots beforehand. It’s a little unusual because as you probably know, green is the colour that Android is most commonly known by. It has lead to speculation, but at the same time it could really be nothing.

The second interesting thing was a new leak from @evleaks “confirming” the specifications for the Nokia X. According to his tweet the device will have a Dual-Core Snapdragon processor clocked at 1GHz accompanied by 512MB of RAM, it’ll have a 4″ WVGA screen, and a fairly poor 4GB storage with microSD support. In terms of camera, @evleaks revealed it’ll have a 5MP snapper, with no details on a front facing camera, and it’ll have a 1500mAh battery. It’ll also come in six colours!

Now, the bit that’s getting everyone’s knickers in a twist and probably the most important bit of information. The Nokia X is said to run a “forked” version of Android similar to that of the Kindle Fire, with that being said @evleaks revealed that the Nokia X will run Android apps from Nokia Store as well as 3rd-party stores. There’s no word of Google Play just yet, but we can only hope.

It’s a fairly low-end device so we can expect a fairly reasonable price point for Nokia’s Android powered smartphone. All fingers are currently pointing to a Mobile World Congress reveal which is set to begin in just two weeks, so we’ll see soon!

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