nokia x tease

Nokia are well known for being blue and white but following the leaked information regarding their rumoured Android powered smartphone known as the Nokia X, the company have been feeling a little green.

Earlier last week, Nokia Australia’s Facebook and Nokia India’s Twitter account both went temporarily green suggesting that the company has something up their sleeves. Nokia’s rumoured Android powered smartphone is rumoured to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress next week and in the run up to the event Nokia uploaded the above image along side their Webcast page.

Over on Nokia’s blog is a coundown timer to their press event in Barcelona next Monday, along with the coundown – highlighted in green, is the above image which clearly shows an X. This follows another image posted by @evleaks which also shows a Nokia X promotional image, also in green.

We’ll know soon enough what exactly Nokia will be revealing at the Mobile World Congress on Monday, hopefully it’s Nokia’s range of low-cost, mid range forked Android handsets.

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