Nokia Android UI

It looks like Nokia’s Android powered smartphone might be getting a release after all now new sources surface revealing that the smartphone will be getting revealed at the Mobile World Congress that begins on February 25 in Barcelona.

The ‘source familiar with the matter’ comes via The Wall Street Journal who says that Nokia will be revealing the Android powered Nokia smartphone, codenamed Normandy, at the Mobile World Congress.

The Nokia Normandy or Nokia X as it’s also known was rumoured to be in development way before Microsoft came along and purchased the company’s mobile division. The device itself is said to be a fairly low-end device with a ‘forked’ version of Android meaning that though at its core it’s an Android device, it won’t come with Google’s apps or look anything like Android – similar to Amazon’s Kindle.

Rumours also suggest that the Nokia X will come in several colours and will have Nokia and Windows apps at the forefront of the device.

We reached out to Nokia on this subject and received the following quote from the Nokia representative: “Thanks for your query. Nokia does not comment on market rumour or speculation.”

With the MWC only a few weeks away we won’t have too long until we find out the truth behind the rumours. Until then take it with a pinch of salt.

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