Project Spark has been going from strength to strength since it hit Open Beta. With creations coming through thick and fast. Some are little tests, some are full games made within the development tools and a few are amazing creations. The subject of this week’s Project Spark Beta Burst is one of these amazing creations. Mr X Bob of the community in Project Spark has taken many hours painstakingly rebuilding the opening area of Fable.

Every part of Oakvale including the NPCs has been lovingly recreated right down to the quests and even what they say during them. Everything has been made to be as close as possible to the item of its inspiration and the FMV work at the end is incredibly well made.  Enough talking about it though. Go check out the video above this test to see what the hell we are on about. You’ll be amazed at what you see.

Do you know any other amazing games in Project Spark? Then let us know in the comments box down below! You can even tell us on Twitter either by tweeting @n3rdabl3 or tweeting @JamesKnack. You can even sign up to the beta yourself by going to this link here and taking it for free. You will need either Windows 8.1 or an Xbox One – the beta for which begins soon – to be able to use the code but it’s still available.

So go on, sign up if you can and if you can’t take more looks at Project Spark over on our YouTube channel by looking at other Project Spark Beta Bursts as well as our other content.

Also don’t forget! Fable Anniversary comes out very soon, this Friday to be exact, so this would be the perfect primer to get yourself warmed up and ready for a whole lot of Fable fun!

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