Project Spark is still going from strength to strength. More and more people are making more and more user generated content. This in turn is inspiring players to make more and more content themselves as the game grows. What James Knack found on his latest travels into Project Spark was of particular interest.

First of all there was a real surprise named Pinball Raid. It’s a level built by the user Born to K1ll and even standing alone is an absolutely astounding recreation of a pinball table in Project Spark. One of the few games which can stand alone and show the world just how versatile this free to play game is going to be when it finally creeps out of beta and onto a PC and Xbox One full release. The polish spread across Pinball Raid is so impressive you might even have try and tilt your screen to make you remember this is a game made within another and not an actual Pinball Machine.

The next Project Spark shower of imagination comes in the form of Chopper Mayhem. Does exactly what it says on the tin there. In this UGC you play as a helicopter picking up refugees and bringing them back to your base while either stopping the enemy AI choppers (who’s intelligence is pretty spectacular in itself) or racing to get to the top of the score board. Explaining Chopper Mayhem isn’t particularly easy, so just go watch the video about it instead!

Finally because it’s made the headlines worldwide… someone made a Flappy Bird clone in Project Spark. It is literally just flappy bird. Yeah, that’s all we’re going to say on the matter.

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