Stand and applaud at this weeks offerings from axe-thrashing, guitar tutor game thingymajig, Rocksmith 2014. Get your Strange Currencies out and purchase the manic depressive titles from R.E.M.

The creators of alternative rock formed in the early 1980’s, bringing a fantastic amalgamation of music that dipped freely in and out of maudlin subjects to maniacal highs and high speed lyrics. 1987 saw the band rocket into popularity when ‘The One I Love’ was released and R.E.M signed with Warner Bros year later, cementing their success. From underground alternate band to multiplatinum albums and a fanbase that could probably overthrow China, R.E.M continued to deliver until their split in 2011.

With fifteen albums spanning thirty-plus years, Ubisoft wouldn’t really have a problem selecting tracks for fretboard fiends to learn. The skills and techniques of both Peter Buck for guitarists and Mike Mills for fans of four strings are on offer in these five songs:

  • Everybody Hurts
  • Shiny Happy People
  • To The One I Love
  • Uberlin
  • What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

So, that’s your lot for this week. If you’re having a Bad Day, Get Up and head to your PS3, PC or Xbox 360 store and download some new tunes at the usual price of £2.39/£2.99 per song or the whole five pack will set you back a mere £9.59/$11.99. Until next week… I’m Out Of Time. (Again)



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