Despite previous rumours suggesting that Sony will be releasing a PlayStation 4 bundled with a PS Vita, it’s not something Sony are currently working on according to PlayStation hardware marketing executive John Koller, though he thinks it’s an “interesting proposition”.

In August last year, a “well placed anonymous source” claimed that Sony were going to announce a PlayStation 4/PS Vita bundle by the end of the year. The end of the year rolled around and nothing manifested despite further rumours suggesting the same bundle was coming to the UK.

Speaking with Gamespot, Koller said: “We certainly would look at it. I think it’s an interesting proposition,” noting that Sony has “no firm plans” to offer a bundle right now. Further in the interview Koller touched upon the success of the Vita along side the PlayStation 4 but didn’t want the Vita to lose its charm.

“I like the idea personally of being able to put them together if not as a bundle but as a marketed experience point,” Koller said. “So Vita we think fits very, very well as a companion device for the PS4. But, I stop there because I want to make sure Vita retains the beauty of what makes Vita Vita. And that’s that it’s got it’s own unique kind of bespoke games.”

Would you like to see a PlayStation 4/PS Vita bundle? Or do you agree with Koller and think that it may take-away the uniqueness of the PS Vita if paired as an accessory for the PlayStation 4?

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