Sony’s W Series Walkman has been around for a little while now. It’s a bare-bones type mp3 player that combines both the mp3 player and the ear buds into one discreet-ish unit. That’s not the main selling point, however, its main selling point is that it’s water proof, it can be used under water.

Saying something is waterproof on the packaging doesn’t always mean that it’s fully waterproof, it might mean that it’s splash resistant or can be submerged for a few seconds without damage. Sony wanted to make sure people knew that their W Series Walkman was fully waterproof so what better way than to sell it already submerged in water?

Partnering with ad firm DraftFCB, Sony decided to market their Walkman a little differently in New Zealand by shipping the devices inside an actual sports bottle full of water and loading them into vending machines. Chances are though, it’ll be a little more expensive than your usual bottle of water and I probably wouldn’t recommend drinking the water, it’ll probably taste a little like new electronics.

Sony also released a video advertising the “bottled Walkman” so people who often frequent gyms or swimming facilities know that it’s there for the taking.

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