OUYA update

Android-powered Kickstarter success story OUYA has had an update to build on the success of the first budget games console.

In its first iteration OUYA only came packing 8GB of internal storage, which could be expanded but was a bit measly when games and saved data all had to be stored on the machine’s memory.

OUYA released a limited edition all-white edition over the holiday season that doubled the internal storage to 16GB and featured an improved controller and it now looks like this upgraded kit is being released on a permanent basis.

The colour scheme has changed from the all-white that graced the limited edition version to a matte black finish for the permanent release.

Allegedly this updated will also have better wi-fi connectivity, but the details surrounding this remain slightly hazy, and will be shipped with an improved controller, which OUYA claim will have better buttons and joysticks and will cut down on the lag that plagued the earlier hardware.

For the increased storage, improved controller and upgraded wi-fi OUYA are slapping on an extra $30 on the sale price, as the new version is going at $129 (£79) on OUYA’s official website, as opposed to the $99 (£60) they charge for the current version.

It would seem that this upgrade is only available in North America at the moment however, as the updated version has appeared on OUYA’s website for the US, while there has been no update to the product on the Game, which is one of the main suppliers of the small console in the UK.

Of course we will keep you posted on this story as it develops, so if the update does make the jump across the pond we will pass on the message to you.

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