Ubisoft has been keeping pretty quiet on the development of Watch Dogs, other than fraudulently losing one of their trademarks for the games we’ve heard fairly little surrounding the games release date. But never fear, according to Portugese retailer Fnac the release date for the open-world title is April 30.

The listing spotted on Portugese retailer Fnac’s website suggests that Watch Dogs will be getting an expected delivery date of Wednesday, April 30, an odd day for a release, so it’s looking more likely that the game will launch on Friday, April 25 with shipping over the weekend.. Either that, or Ubisoft plan to do a worldwide release of Tuesday, April 29 with the retailer offering next-day shipping.

Ubisoft are currently remaining quiet on the subject, and with such an odd delivery day, it’s probably better to take it with a pinch of salt.


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