One of the main reasons people can’t part with their beloved Windows PC or Laptop to opt for the more affordable Chrome OS powered Chromebooks is the lack of Windows apps and programs such as Skype and Photoshop. Sure there’s a handful of amazing alternatives that perform just as well, but people don’t like change. That’s why Google and VMware have figured out a solution to get Windows apps on your Chromebook hitting another nail into the Windows coffin.

Google and VMware have announced that they’re working together to provide enterprise Chromebook users the ability to access their much loved Windows apps and the Windows Desktop on their machines. The technology, using VMware’s new Chromebook optimised Horizon desktop as a service (DaaS), Google says it enables“customers to centralize other desktop environments and manage these as a cloud service.”

To put it simply Google and VMware are currently offering enterprise users a subscription to VMware and partners that’ll allow you to remotely access a secure, and personal to you, Windows Desktop complete with all of the Windows apps and data that some users are pining for.

Google and VMware are currently working on making the app available on the Chrome Store.

“As the countdown to Windows XP end of life continues, deploying Chromebooks and taking advantage of a DaaS environment ensures that security vulnerabilities, application compatibility and migration budgets will be a thing of the past.” Google conclude on their blog.

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