There’s nothing more than an RPG lover wants more than the ability to change their armour to something that fits the occasion. For instance, if you’re slogging through a blizzard, you would probably quite like a fur lined cloak and something to keep your head warm. Maybe you find yourself in a humid jungle and need to strip down to something a bit cooler?

CD Projekt Red look to have covered all instances of your OCD whims of having Geralt look the part for any occasion. The image below just proves that they’ve been hard at work on the design of the White Wolf’s clothing to make sure that the huge open world with it’s many environments have the right garment to fit the scenery and add a little immersion to the gameplay.

It makes sense to add to the wardrobe in the Witcher 3 as the developers’ attention to detail and pleasing fans has always been high on their list. So, now you can dress for every event from riding through countryside in the rain wearing a hooded duffel coat all the way to donning a kilt for invasions to the south of the map… Oh wait, that’s just me.

There’s 27 outfits in all, with some just varying on one model whereas others are entirely different from the rest. Some old clothes from previous games pop up in there too, letting you act like a vagrant and wear the same clothes over the period of a couple of games for that environmental activist feel.

Whatever monster’s blood and brain matter you’ll be wearing when The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is released, you can do it in the style of your choosing. Just remember that Geralt’s mum isn’t on hand to wash those stains out. Oh and, this is concept art, so maybe this whole article is just the hopes and dreams of a gamer who needs more clothes in games!

Oh and CD Projekt? Keep the kilt please…




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