So if you’re an obsessive Twitter user, you probably saw the X-men Days of Futures Past publicity stunt. The stunt in question is where the film studio teamed up with film magazine Empire and released 25 special limited edition covers for the upcoming film.

Each one featured a character in the upcoming film (except the one with director Bryan Singer), and the set consisted for future characters like Bishop and Blink and X-men mainstays like future and past Wolverine.

If you’ve been checking out our website or you’re a hashtag surfer you’d seen the backlash surrounding the cover with Quicksilver. The character design is huge departure from his comic counterpart, though most of the criticism surrounded the quality of costume design and focused on the quality of the wig Kick Ass star Evan Peters is wearing.

Overall, for me the costume gets a 7.5/10, it’s not that bad really. I like the weird utility belt and the goggles and running shoes make sense, it’s just a shame the costume has the usual X-men movie flaw of just being black.

Also remember the reason the studios commissioned this one was because First Class was a huge success on such a small budget.

I liked the proposed costume design we saw in the covers, it make sense for the future characters to be garbed in dull colours and body armour because of the state of affairs. When it comes to most of these characters I have a feeling they wont be having a whole lot to do.

It’s also been reported that Rogue has been cut from the film since she was only in one scene.

I’d say most of these fan favourites are likely to be involved in one action sequence, a bit of dialogue and in case of the future characters possibly die of screen, but it wont matter since this future will be fixed, unless it carries onto Apocalypse planned sequel.

Speaking of the future of the franchise, it’s been said by Fox’s over superhero manager Mark Millar (Kick Ass) said that both the X-men and Fantastic Four exist in the same movie universe. Though it’s unclear what Fox is planning. I’m going to try and so some subliminal script writing.

Have the Fantastic Four turn up during the 70’s or the Future – Think about it, modern time adaptations haven’t worked, going back to the golden age or trying something new with characters might work too

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You keep spelling “you’re” wrong. “So if your an obsessive Twitter user” should read “you’re” , which is the contraction for you are. Your is a completely different word. What is your favorite food? This might be your best article, etc.