Yoshi’s New Island Cover

Yoshi’s New Island may be getting a 3DS XL Bundle sometime soon. The  possible bundle fist popped up on base.com listing the item at £199.99. Many people though largely doubt the bundle mainly because of the mock up image that’s been used.

Yoshi's New Island Bundle
The mock-up in question.

Besides all of this IGN have verified the image for North America. Which could be a sign of it actually coming to us in the UK. It’s possible that base.com have just listed the bundle prior to getting official images and information. Yoshi’s New Island is set for a release next month in Europe and North America.

Despite all of the rumors saying yes and all of the others saying no. What are your thoughts on it? Would a Yoshi’s New Island 3DS XL Bundle be something you would be interested in? The game is released March 14th so i the bundle is to be released then it needs to be announced pretty soon.

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