Angel & Faith – Season 10 #1 Preview

Late last month you saw that Buffy’s season 10 premiere is next week, and her brooding boyfriend is throwing his lot in too.

Originally the Angel & Faith series was met with doubt and more than one person questioning whether or not it would be worth picking up. As ever though, Whedon did exactly what you wouldn’t expect. On more than one occasion Angel & Faith took us on more of a ride than the Buffy issue that was facing it in the shelves.

This first issue in the new season sees Faith join back up with the Slayers and almost take the head off of the lovely demon Koh – he’s only helping – and Angel is stuck inside during the daylight *Season 8 and 9 spoilers ahead, skip this par if you plan on catching up first* learning about some problems that are cropping up now he’s brought magic back to Magic Town.

Angel & Faith fans, have faith -no pun intended- before flicking through the few pages below. It doesn’t seem like much is happening, but what Angel’s dealing with and Faith meeting up with the other girls, this story arc could be insane.

Check out the preview below – caution though, there are Season 8 and 9 spoilers in there.