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A piece of news for our American friends. You’ll no doubt already know that Walmart and Best-Buy are selling the new Titanfall bundled Xbox One SKU for $50 less than its recommended retail price. That’s $450 for a next gen console and the biggest FPS in the world right now. They thought this would allow them to pull in the punters, especially in the case of Walmart with their much publicised move into the used game market which saw GameStop share prices fall by over 10%. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a huge global retailer missing from that list though.

Not any more.

Amazon have recently given American citizens the opportunity to get the console for the same price of $450 from its online store. There is a little hoop to jump through though. At the checkout you have to enter the promo code X1AMAZON. For the sake of a massive saving typing in 8 little characters – or even more lazily just copy and pasting – isn’t a big loss at all. The code also works on the Xbox One with Forza pack for those of us who are more inclined to drive around a track than get shot repeatedly in the face.


There are a few other Titanfall-flavoured deals around on the internet too should you want to whet your appetite for mechanized slaughter but on a PC. Green Man Gaming are currently selling the game at 15% off if you just click this little link here as well as offering the Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition on PC for pre-order at 10% off the retail price.

For our European friends don’t worry, hopefully our retailers will see sense and start to do this kind of thing more with next generation consoles themselves in respect of our higher like-for-like prices. For instance if I were to take on the Amazon US deal and pay in dollars, it would only cost me £272 instead of the £386.86 it’s currently listed for.


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