Today Apple has launched a brand new variant of their colourful but cheap iPhone 5C. When Apple launched the iPhone 5C in September last year it was available with either 16GB or 32GB storage, though it had a lower price-point than the iPhone 5S, people just didn’t take to it all that well. Apple has also lowered the price point of the 8GB version to £429, compared to £469 and £549 for the larger models.

The iPhone 5C hasn’t quite had the same success as the iPhone 5S, probably because the iPhone 5C is just a colourful plastic version of the now discontinued iPhone 5.. People want a new phone, not repainted one, Apple! Whether or not this low price point paired with less memory will attract customers to the ‘budget’ iPhone remains to be seen. I doubt it though.

That’s not all of the news to come out of Cupertino, California today. Apple have also announced that they’re discontinuing the iPad 2 here in the UK in favour of the new iPad 4, or the iPad with Retina display as it’s known. Currently only available in 16GB capacity model, the iPad with Retina Display will cost you £329 for the WiFi-only model and £429 for the WiFi+3G model.

Both the 8GB iPhone 5C and the iPad with Retina display can all be purchased from Apple’s online store as well as in-store.

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