A new trailer has been released for Arrow series 2. There trailer which can be found above is for the second half of the series and sets up the end game. Just a quick warning the rest of this article will contain spoilers from the end of episode 14 ‘Time of Death’.

I warned you..

At the end of episode 14 Oliver discovered that Slade, a man he thought he had killed on the island was in fact still alive and sitting in his living room, although now he was rocking an eye patch. The island half of the story has focused on Slade’s decent in to madness after being nearly being killed and injected with super soldier serum and the murder of Shado.

Through the second season there have been a two major stories being built up, Slade becoming Deathstroke and seeking revenge seems to be the major focus with Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins being hinted at for the future.

Episode titles for episode 16, 17 and 18 were revealed recently as Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey and Deathstroke respectively. Fans of DC Comics will recognised these names from the books. The Suicide Squad is a team of imprisoned villains run by A.R.G.U.S, sent on dangerous missions to receive time off their sentences.

During the New 52 reboot the squad was made up of Harley Quinn, Dead Shot, King Shark, Black Spider and El Diablo but the squad is always changing. New members include Captain Boomerang and James Gordan Jr (Son of a well known Batman character). The show’s Squad is made up of a number or villains from the show, Dead Shot, Shrapnel and Bronze Tiger and run by Amanda Waller who was introduced earlier this season. A member of team Arrow will join up to take down a former acquaintance. 

Suicide Squad

The Birds of Prey are a group of female superheroes that were originally formed by Oracle and Black Canary and has included members like Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Katana. The group has ties to Batman and can be classed as part of the larger Bat Family. They have been known to team up with the likes of Nightwing so working with Oliver and team Arrow is not a surprise. The team will be made up of Sara/ Black Canary, Helena/ Huntress and Oracle a high tech genius. Oracle hasn’t been formally introduced yet but someone in team Arrow does seem to fit the bill.


Deathstroke/Slade has been around since season 1 an iconic mask even appeared in the pilot with an arrow sticking out of the eye. Part of a two man special ops team Slade was dropped on to Lian Yu to recover Yao Fei were he came across Oliver and ended up mentoring him, turning him in to the hood. Earlier in season 2 it was revealed the Slade is behind a lot of the major event this season and is seeking to punish Oliver for the death of his love Shado.

In the comics Deathstroke works for the highest bidder and has been apart of some great story lines and is currently running wild as part of Forever Evil.  As a master of martial arts and favouring a sword as a weapon the upcoming war between Slade and Oliver should be action packed.


Earlier this year Arrow was picked up early for a third season and is about to spawn a spin off. A multi episode ark introduced us to Barry Allen, known to comic fans better as The Flash. After an accident involving chemicals and an exploding supercollider Barry was put in a coma and linked to the speed force granting him super speed.

Arrow stars Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Manu Bennett, and Emily Bett Rickards and can be seen on The CW on Wednesday and Sky 1 Thursdays in the UK.

Check back for more info on Arrow as well as details on the up coming spin of The Flash as well as other upcoming DC TV shows.

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