Please note: This article is unrelated to the latest news about Assassin’s Creed Comet which was posted by Kotaku yesterday evening. 

Yesterday we posted an image which contained some leaked information on what we believe to be another Assassin’s Creed title set to launch some time this year. The image, which we believed to come from a reputable source, wasn’t quite what it seemed and ultimately turned out to be a “social experiment” as they called it.

The leak, which you can see here, contained what looked to be an early draft of a press release posted on the Ubisoft Forums. It explained the story of a new Assassin’s Creed game titled Assassin’s Creed Comet as well as launch details for the UK. After our post went live it landed on sites such as reddit as well as the Ubisoft Forums themselves where users picked holes in the supposed ‘leak’.

After a few hours it was clear that the information contained in the image was most likely fake, but we still hadn’t heard back from our source or Ubisoft themselves to clarify the validity of the information. This morning however our source “fessed up” and revealed that the image was a “social experiment” not officially from Ubisoft, but someone associated with Ubisoft. The aim of the ‘leak’ was to see how gaming journalists and fans spread something like this through social media and news sites and just how many would take the information as fully legitimate – or not so, as we discovered.

Whether or not this is true or not is another question because as you can imagine, our source is no longer ‘trusted’. But like with the initial leak, we’re taking it with a jug of salt this time.

In light of this we thought we’d follow up the news on what we now know and say that at the time we had no reason to think that the leak we received was bogus. That’s not to say Assassin’s Creed Comet doesn’t exist, but once again, that information remains unknown.

Could we have spent some more time picking holes in the image? Sure. But we reported what we thought was something worth reporting from what we believed to be a tip from a reliable source. We were as excited as you were about the news because we’re gamers just like you and as fans of the series we’re saddened to think that Connor may not be returning in future titles!

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Max Kostakis
Max Kostakis

Personally, I hope the image that leaked was fake. While it had some very fun moments, I felt that Assassins’ Creed 3 was the weakest game so far in the series and Connor was the most uninteresting Assassin yet, in my opinion. I love this franchise. The Assassins’ Creed games are really the only video games I play, and I have played all of them multiple times through. I think AC thrives the further back in history it goes. The large European cities with the tall buildings and so much culture are what initially drew me into the series. I… Read more »

Jody Lundy

Sigh. Connor really doesn’t get much lovin’ from male fans at all, does he?

Anthony Grogan
Anthony Grogan

I just want to say I’m male, and I loved the guy to bits.

The Doctor
The Doctor

Sources fessed up? No proper source backing up this claim? This is literally the only website to report about this game being fake. I say, this article is the fake.


U guys are fucking retarded leave it to ign/kotaku for game news