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Looking back at all of the Comic Book Brief Histories that I’ve written, I’ve never actually written about the Avengers. So here goes, a brief history of The Avengers.

The Avengers comic books began back in the 60’s. the Golden era of Marvel comics, Stan Lee was firing out pure gold with Spider-man and The Fantastic Four. While he and his fellow comic book creators were working on the X-men they realised they needed to produce another team comic book.

The story allegedly goes that the X-men was nowhere near ready for publication so Stan and co threw together some existing heroes and called the team The Avengers. So our original line up included Thor, Ant-man, The Wasp, Hulk and Ironman, (Captain America came a little later when the team found him frozen in ice.)

Our story begins with Loki framing Hulk from a crime he didn’t commit as he tricked him into destroying a railway line thinking people were in danger, all in an attempt to lure Thor out into battle. Little did he know Hulk’s friend and superhero fanboy Rick Jones was on scene and radioed the Fantastic Four for help.

Loki used his magic to scatter the radio signal so Thor would hear it, but he had no idea that it was picked up by Ironman, Ant-man and The Wasp.

Following these events Hulk goes into deep cover and poses as a robot clown in a circus until Loki catches up with him. Eventually Loki’s plan is exposed and the team of heroes defeat Loki. After deciding they work well as a team they decide to make the arrangement permanent and The Wasp suggested the name, The Avengers.

The roster has changed drastically over the year, with the Hulk leaving a few issues a later and Captain America joining up. A huge portion of the Marvel universe has been an Avenger, from Fantastic Four members, X-men and even villains like the Sandman.

There have also been many spinoff teams. These include the West Coast Avengers, Mighty Avengers and even a team comprised of villains pretending to be classic Avengers called the Dark Avengers.

The team have clashed with many villains including Ultron, the time travelling villain Kang the Conqueror and the Absorbing man.

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John Griffin

Hulk posing as a robotic clown? They just don’t write them like that any more.