Do you know annoys me sometimes? Catchphrases. Do you know what irritates me? Overused catchphrases. Do you know what really irritates me? Catchphrases used out of context. THAT GET’S JOSH REALLY ANGRY! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Now Josh in right mood to tell you about The Incredible Hulk!

As you may have seen, long-time hunter of The Incredible Hulk, Glen Talbot, is going to be in The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show and that makes Hulk mad so I’m going to fill you in on all things green.

It all started one day when civilian scientist Bruce Banner was conducting nuclear bomb tests in the desert. This was when a kid named Rick Jones decided to show off and stray onto the test site to impress his friends. This caused a puny Bruce Banner to onto the test site to save Rick Jones. Banner was then hit with Gamma and HULK WAS BORN!

At first The Incredible Hulk used to come out at night and was a grey colour, he would then go away in the morning. Hulk would only turn green when HULK GOT MAD!

Marvel’s Stan Lee originally wanted the Hulk to be grey but it made printing pretty bad so Stan made The Incredible Hulk green and made grey night-time Hulk go away.

For a while Banner kept trying to get rid of Hulk but Banner kept failing! No matter what he did, whenever he got mad, The Hulk returned.

Hulk used to be an Avenger as the beginning but was turned away after a while.

Later on all the big Egg heads like Strecthy man (Reed Richards) Bald man (Professor X) Quiet fork head (Blackbolt) Fish face (Namor) and metal man (Ironman) shot Hulk into space because Hulk had been bad. Hulk landed on a gladiator world where he smashed all the competition and became boss of world.

Hulk then had a wife and son but all ended when disaster hit the planet. Hulk decided to go back to Earth and teach bad guys a lesson. Hulk made World War Hulk and showed all world he’s the strongest he is.

Hulk even found General Ross, the mean man always trying to capture Hulk had been turned into the Red Hulk by another Hulk bad guy. Hulk even found later Banner’s lady friend Betty Ross was still alive and as Red-She Hulk.

Hulk was happy and mad at the same time! That’s kind of heart warming and-

Wait what happened? Oh I see, I lost my temper again..

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