You know how people say comic book continuity can get really really complicated? Well, Supergirl can be a fine example of that because there has been an awful lot of characters called Supergirl – Paralell universe Supergirl, future Supergirl and even magic powered Supergirl.

So with Supergirl becoming a Red Lantern (one of the many corps of the emotional spectrum. Red representing rage) I thought I’d give this a go.

So back on Krypton prior to its destruction, Superman’s uncle Zor-El decides to follow suit of his brother Jor El’s plan to send his young son Kal-El (AKA Superman who is AKA Clark Kent) away in a rocket.

So Zor-El sends his teenage daughter Kara-El away in a rocket ship hoping she’d meet up with Kal on Earth. However on the way Kara gets sidetracked and makes it to Earth when Superman has grown up. So technically Supergirl is older than Superman.

Kara struggles more than Superman to fit on Earth since the Man of Steel had a chance to grow into his powers and she finds her new home difficult to adapt to. Of course in her early adventures she was a victim of female stereotyping and famously in one comic is seen weeping over the fact she is unable to get a date.

So back in the 80’s when DC’s first mass reboot Crisis on Infinite Earths took place Supergirl died and seemingly along with The Flash (Barry Allen). But of course she eventually came back 20 years post reboot. Batman didn’t trust her initially, finding her sudden appearance to be strange.

The current version of Supergirl which exists in the New 52 has the same rough origin story but is more distrusting of her cousin and has no interest in staying on Earth. She dislikes the New 52 Superboy. Since on Krypton, cloning is an abomination since the clones on Krypton rebelled in a bloody viscous style.

Right now at the time of writing Supergirl has a Red Lantern ring which is powered by rage. So that’s an angry super powered being with a power ring. That’s right.. Scary..

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