Today during their Developer Session at EGX Rezzed, Creative Assembly announced the release date for their upcoming survival horror title, Alien: Isolation, which is October 7!

Alien Isolation follows the story of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, the female protagonists from the Alien movies, Amanda hasn’t heard from her mother for some time and sets off onto the Sevastopol trading station, Ellen’s last known location, to search for answers.

All this weekend Alien: Isolation will be available for gamers to get hands-on with the title which I’ve heard offers a classic horror experience, which to some, is fantastic news, but for me… not so much.

During the developer session Creative Assembly revealed the release date for the game which is set to land on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 7. One of the developers on stage also revealed that the gameplay could last for upto 15 hours which is pretty awesome news too!

To read about what our writer James Knack thought about the game, head to his hands-on review by clicking here!

Will you be picking up Alien: Isolation in October? Leave a comment below!

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