I like comics and I like Star Wars as you probably gathered by the title I have written, it’s as obvious as Darth Sidious being Emperor Palpatine. What I enjoy more than a good comic, is good bargain. So much to my delight when I found Force Unleashed 2 on discount in one of my local book stores.

A big deal because it’s a nightmare to find comics in the town I live.

So to the story. After doing a little side research on the game it’s based on I found out the following:

The story follows the clone of Starkiller, a powerful force user who was trained in secret by Vader. Said clone has a love interest and the story is set around the last couple of levels of the game and follows the happy alternate ending of the game.

The story is told from the perspective of everyone’s favourite bounty hunter Boba Fett. The Fett has been employed by Vader to kidnap Starkillers love interest, Juno Eclipse.

This where I have a few qualms with the story. Boba’s response to a lot of the twists in the story doesn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe the reason why the story doesn’t explain Boba’s actions is because of the reason the character is so popular, because he’s simply a mystery.

One example is that Boba finds out his love interest has been employed by Vader to obtain his DNA to create clones, all of which are defect and go insane. Boba’s response to this is to allow Starkiller and Juno succeed in defeating Vader sighting some vague emotional reason as to why.

Something else which seemed so strange to me was that during the story Vader goes back on his deal with Boba, something you think would have made him weary and almost predict that Vader would change parts of his deal again. Like he did during the Emperor Strikes Back.

I’d say the book overall is more for your fans of the games. But I still enjoyed it and managed to follow it. It was fun to see a darker tone in the Star Wars universe for a change. I was just a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see Starkiller do all his crazy over-powered Force stuff.

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