Coffee Stain Studios’ hilarious game-jam demo turned full blown release where players get to run around as a goat licking and butting things out of the way has an actual release date, a rather fitting April 1. Trust me, you’re not the first to ask “bro are u srs,” as Coffee Stain Studios has fully confirmed the release date.

After gameplay videos of the game became insanely popular, last month Coffee Stain Studios finally broke and have decided to launch the game on Steam as well as introducing a new licking mechanic – yes, licking. Designed to be “small and silly” the game itself will be pretty barebones filled with oodles of destructible items and “realistic” physics.

Sadly however, there won’t be a multiplayer as that’ll require the games hilarious physic tech being removed. “With multiplayer, we’d have to remove 90% of the physics, all destructible objects and a lot of our favorite features.” Coffee Stain wrote on their FAQ.

Coffee Stain also revealed that they’re working on Steam Workshop support so players can create their own levels in the game and create ultimate mayhem!


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