Leica have thrown out a new limited camera to the public that will likely cause some controversial thoughts on it. The Leica C, which is more or less a rebranded LF1, is emblazoned with a combination of two famous and widely renowned brands: Hello Kitty and Playboy. The image is Hello Kitty wearing a pair of playboy ears winking to her audience while holding a camera.

The camera is one of many Hello Kitty and Playboy items sold at French retailers Collette, which include Temporary tattoos and iPhone cases amongst them. The camera itself will be sold at 920($1,264) which is double the cost of its Panasonic equivalent and strangely only ten of them exist.

Many a fan of the cute and innocent Hello Kitty mascot would be in uproar about it’s combination with Hugh Heffners Playboy industry. However this has been done to mark the 40th & 60th anniversaries to both parties. Colette Founder Sarah Andelman stated “People thought I was crazy, but now everyone agrees they look amazing together”.

Carven designer Guillaume Henry agreed with “I believe that opposites attract, they’re both icons, but they have nothing in common. I’m always more intrigued by a couple’s differences than similarities, so I love the whole idea of “sexy kawaii.”

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