The ‘Experts’ are back in an a brand new HTC Technical Translations video, this time focusing on the famed HTC One’s Ultrapixel, the camera that doesn’t seem so sharp on paper, but in reality performs better that many other smartphone cameras. Once again the All New HTC One is teased, which is once again blurred out – dammit!

Much like the previous two videos the guy on the right reels off some technical information about the Ultrapixel which will most likely go over your head, whilst the guy on the left once again puts it in Layman’s terms explaining that the HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera performs well in low light.

And then they tease the new HTC One, this time dropping the “The All New..” part. Once again it seems like the All New HTC One will have a much improved Ultrapixel camera, this might have something to do with the second camera that’s been spotted on the various leaks floating around the web.

Check out the video for yourself above.

HTC are expected to unveil The All New HTC One at their even on March 25, that’s only a couple of weeks away!

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