The pixelated brick building phenomenon that is Minecraft has hit a whopping 100 million registered users for the PC/Mac version of the game which converts to around 14.3 million people who have actually paid for the game.

Creator Marcus “Notch” Persson announced the news earlier this week via Twitter: “I got an email. We’ve reached 100 million registered users on the original Minecraft. 14.3% conversion rate to paid accounts. Wow. :D <3″.

This news sounds about right as earlier this month the counter on the Minecraft website has hit around 14 million. Now the reason that the amount of registered users is much higher than actual sales is because the website for PC/Mac offers a demo version which requires registration in order to download and use.

These numbers also don’t include the Xbox 360 Edition which has hit round 10 million sales, the mobile or Pocket Edition which has also shifted around 10 million copies, and finally the latest Edition, the PlayStation 3 Edition which has just hit 1 million copies sold. In total Minecraft has shifted around 35 million copies on all of the platforms it’s available on.


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