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Yesterday a teaser appeared on on Call of Duty’s Instagram account suggesting that The Predator will be appearing in the new DLC pack Devastation.

The 20 second video shows a soldier running through Ruins one of the new maps. The unique sounds of a Predator is playing over the top before an near invisible foe moves in for the kill. The video was posted with the title “If it bleeds…” another reference to the Predator films.

This wont be the first time a Hollywood Villain will appear in Call of Duty, a map based on the Halloween films appeared in the last DLC Onslaught and allowed players to become Michael Myers when they managed to finish a field order. Hollywood stars have also appeared in the Call of the Dead zombies map in Call of Duty Black Ops.

How the Predator will come in to play is still unknown, the announcement trailer for Devastation revealed Ruin’s field order would be activating the large Volcano just out side the map to rain fire down on the opposite team. Has this changed or will the Predator have his own game mode similar to Halo’s ninjanaught mode? The announcement trailer can be viewed here

Call of Duty Devastation includes four new maps, one new hybrid weapon and part two of the Extinction campaign. The DLC will be available on Xbox first with a release date of April 3rd, other consoles will have to wai and there is currently no release date for them.  What do you think, will this bring you back to Ghosts? Let us know in the comments and check back soon for more Call of Duty news.

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