Microsoft’s video game building video game, Project Spark, has been in Beta on PC for a few months now with no news on the Beta coming to Xbox One, that was until yesterday when Xbox Live’s Major Nelson announced that the Beta was launching on Xbox One, right now.

Team Dakota, the developers behind Project Spark, have expanded their Beta over to Xbox One bringing it’s fantastic creative tools to the living room as well as an already existing library of community creations which they can also remix and add their own creative spark.

Bringing Project Spark to Xbox One unlocks a whole new series of tools and features using the next-generation console’s hardware such as the Kinect 2.0. “The Xbox One version of Project Spark adds Performance Capture support with Kinect. Record your own animations and voice Make your custom moves,” said the Project Spark team. “Record voice over and customize your creations before you share them with the community across Xbox One and Windows 8.”

So you’re probably wondering how you can sign up to the Project Spark beta? It’s easy! Go to and enter your email, then wait for your email invite to arrive. While you wait you could head to our YouTube Channel and check out James’ impressions of the beta so far!

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