Back at CES, Razer, unveiled Project Christine, a completely modular PC which hopes to do away with the complexity of PC building, by giving you parts in a modular form that are easy to swap in and out.

Aiming to do away with all the screws and worry of having to build a good PC, we we’re all taken aback by the project itself. But it seems Project Christine is having a tough time getting OEM’s on board.

In an interview with Polygon, Razer CEO, Min Liang Tan, expressed some of his concerns when he approached OEM’s, “We’ve been trying to speak to other OEMs and I think the response has been generally, ‘OK, what’s the forecast for this? How many units are you going to ship? What are the margins?’ and stuff like that where we’re being very open with them to say, ‘Look, we don’t know.’”

It’s understandable his frustration with the project. After all, this thing could be a complete flop. But what it really needs, is someone to believe in the project. After all we all want simplicity in Gaming, that’s why most of the population of gamers buys’ a console.

Again, Min Liang Tan, stays perfectly humble about the project, with not even a hint of a dollar sign in his eye, “We’re trying to encourage the rest of the OEMs, and we’re literally telling them, ‘Look, we’re not going to make a cent out of this. We just want to be part of an ecosystem; we’re happy to open this up to everyone to do that.’”

Personally I would love to see modular PC’s hit it off in the market. In a vast industry where the average gamer doesn’t know how to build a PC, this could send the computer business through the roof.

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