At the beginning of the year Maxis announced that they’ll finally be bringing an Offline Mode to SimCity so gamers can bypass the always-online requirements and play without an internet connection. That announcement was around two months ago and according to a recent update from Maxis, the offline mode is in the final stages of testing.

When the game launched in March last year, that’s right, a year ago, players were required to always be connected to the SimCity servers. This not only brought negative criticism for those who love the SimCity franchise but didn’t have an Internet connection, it also brought with it some fairly unstable servers once the game launched meaning no one could play the game or were losing their game saves.

In January, Maxis announced that they’ll be bringing one of the most requested features to SimCity – an offline mode but were yet to announce a definite date the update will release. Earlier this week the Maxis Twitter account posted the following tweet:

Though there’s still no definitive date that update 10 will land, it’s looking likely that it could happen before the end of the month.

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