Titanfall’s been out for a week and my eyes are still burning from all the wall jumping. I seriously think I might need glasses now. Like with any multiplayer game everyone is out there now hunting for the best options. So to save you digging for years in the scrapyard of the internet, it’s time I gave you folks a few tips on the best weapons to bolt to your favourite Titan Chassis. Suit up, prime your jump pack and most importantly, stand by for Titanfall.

40MM Cannon

The 40MM Cannon is Titanfall’s answer to the marksman’s rifle, except its Titan-sized. A round from this cannon will seriously hurt rival Titans while Grunts and Spectres are nothing more than one shot one kill fodder, even if your shells miss a little.  Empty out a full clip on an opposing pile of Titan and they’re rectal sphincter will be like a rabbit’s nose. The 40MM cannon is a brilliant all-rounder as long as you’ve got the aim for it. For planting those shots onto Titans, assuming they don’t slip around like a penguins face on butter, taking your time to line up on red glowing areas is priceless. It’s not all fire-kill-rinse-repeat here mind you. Without the extended mag upgrade you’re going to have to reload at least once even when using your salvos to take down your enemy. Fighting against the 40MM cannon is a game of hide and seek where dashing out and filling the opponent full of lead before they can spot you is the best option, or just catch their bullets. Should you get into the sights of a 40MM, an instantly recognisable ping resounds from every shot so you’ll be in no doubt of what’s hitting you.

Picking a best Titan chassis for the 40MM is a little trickier. It fits with each like a glove. On an Ogre constantly pumping out the shells is a doddle and with the Atlas when you spin up the Damage core each round takes off a healthy portion of Titan integrity. On the Stryder it’s not a bad choice, but there are other weapons that use the chassis movement speed more effectively.


Quad Rocket

Imagine if you will, a gun firing 4 rockets out of a tube the size of a DeLorean… Got an image in your head? Then welcome to the Quad Rocket. The fearsome foursome of missiles this explosive mailman delivers let the Quad Rocket perform a shotgun-like role in Titanfall. Getting up close is key because while they’re strong explosives as you’d expect from a Titan mounted RPG clustershot,  they travel slower than most projectiles and continental drift. Combine it with a dash forward before giving your enemy a volley then scything into an alleyway or retreating to reload. Unsurprisingly the extended magazine attachment makes the Quad Rocket extra lethal. If putting on a Fireworks Display is more your thing, aim down the sights when using the Quad Rocket to launch an aesthetically pleasing circle of pop rockets.

Smack this bad boy onto an Ogre and you can sit reloading in front of your enemy taking the hits while laughing maniacally. Bolt it to a Stryder with extended mags and the titan punch modification to build a quick-moving assassin Titan, something I never thought i’d say. On an Atlas it’s passable but kicking in your damage core to barrage the enemy is unlikely. You’ll be too slow to escape and too squishy to reload. As squishy as a Titan can get that is.

XO-16 Chaingun

Check your weather reports because with the XO-16 chain gun, storms of bullets are blowing in from whichever direction you’re facing into anything that moves.  The XO-16 is incredibly versatile and well suited to any situation. Should you come across a gaggle of grunts, don’t even bother aiming and just hold down that trigger until they die and boost your Core cooldown. The same could also be said for pilots, although a little aiming is necessary here due to their slippery nature. With a long-range and the highest fire rate of any Titan weapon its the business for suppressing positions and chipping away at your foe’s armour. As a weapon for damaging Titans it’s far from perfect, although you’ll have plenty of luck against Stryders because you’ll be able to empty that drum barrel into anywhere they are and not have to stop. Bonus points go to it for the best reload animation seen since the Halo Needler. As is becoming a pattern, slap in an extended magazine for even more lead launching capability.

The Xo-16 chain gun and the Atlas mech go together like break ups and BoyZone. You can quickly warm up that damage core on grunts and spectres, peel rodeoing pilots off your comrades and deal low to medium damage against other Titans. Try and stick with the group though because alone with your chain gun, the only way your bullets are going to save you is if you build a wall and hide behind it. For sustaining the fire, bolting the XO-16 to an Ogre makes some sense but attaching it to a Stryder you might as well fling your own sloppy faeces at the enemy. It’d be a more effective use of your time.


Plasma Railgun

Railguns in Titanfall are what constitutes as a sniper rifle for our mechanized bipedal buddies, with a couple of different features. Stand around pulling your right trigger and you’ll do a small amount of damage with an extremely high velocity round. Try taking out a Titan using this shot though and you may as well get your wrist brace at the ready because that Mario injury from 1992 is going to bite you with carpal tunnelled back bottom. Instead, holding down the left trigger and lining up your shot will let you deal massive damage to whatever you hit. Lining up shots lets you charge up your rounds before letting them loose. A personal favourite of mine for the wide open maps they are the most accurate projective you can fire and undoubtedly the most powerful at long-range. Don’t expect to kill many grunts or pilots with this bad boy though. Hit them with even a semi charged shot and you’ll kill them, but if they so much as fart you’ll find them out of the crosshairs.

The Plasma Railgun and Stryder sit in perfect synergy. A high damage accurate weapon strapped to a two-legged weapons platform that can dash three times quickly and maintain that speed with a dash upgrade . Take this combo into a long-range or fast-moving fight an you’re a force to be reckoned with alone. In the hands of the Atlas the Railgun is just as good thanks to the damage core if you can charge it, almost outweighing the cost to mobility. You can use it on an Ogre and not be laughed at but it doesn’t fit as well with the slow-moving Titan, unless you put up a particle wall then stand gurning like a buffoon while no-one can hit you.

Arc Cannon

I hear you shouting there. It’s the future, why are we still using solid explosives! Who needs solid projectiles or rockets when you can shoot lightning from your hands. It worked for the Emperor, no matter how awesome Vader was he couldn’t compare with hand lightning and a dressing gown. A charged up weapon like the Railgun this beast will instantly cause Grunts to explode in a ball of electrified giblets while passing the same effect onto their friends. That’s where this pumped up tesla-coil’s strengths lie. Even throw two bolts into a pilot in quick succession and they’ll go the way of a Death Row inmate in Virginia, crackling with electrical death. Up against a Titan you’re going to want to ramp it up to full to fry those circuits. If you see two Titans in very close proximity, like when someone stands in a doorway and won’t let others pass, charge up an arc and let it loose to damage each Titan.

The Arc Cannon’s major downside is charging time and range so you’re going to want to be able to take the punishment while giving it out. The Ogre is the best option here. Put these two together and you’re going to see a lightning storm even Thor would be proud of. In the hands of an Atlas Chassis the Arc Cannon doesn’t exactly disappoint but a 40MM cannon would probably be better for such situations. Putting it on a Stryder… well now you’re just asking for it kid.

Triple Threat

A grenade launcher on a mech might sound a little dull. So how about Titanfall’s spiced up version in the Triple Threat. Firing three grenades the size of prize-winning cabbages at short-range which then roll around until detonation or contact with armour. Sounds a little better now doesn’t it. Pesky Pilot hiding just out of shot in a window? Walk up and fire a magazine full of grenades into the buillding to get him moving or blow him to kingdom come.  Why not even go so far as to add the mine modification which stops them being affected by rolling for unsuspecting pilots and Titans to wander onto. Best used at close range against Titan’s due to an arching trajectory and their detonation upon touching armour the triple threat is a close range power house of epic proportions.

It’s close range, so obviously I’m going to say strap it to an Ogre right? Wrong. Well… ok right to an extent but where the Triple Threat excels is in the hands of a skilled Atlas Titan. Nothing is better at wiping out swathes of grunts in Titanfall than the Triple Threat so you’re going to see the Damage Core spinning up pretty quickly. Then just wander around until you find some enemy Titans, angle yourself correctly, and pump that trigger until your enemies are covered in the hot result your exploding balls.

Wait, that came out wrong.


That’s my little guide to the best weapons to bolt to your favourite chassis in Titanfall. These are not set in stone though. Afterall, Titanfall is a new game to us all with new mechanics and a whole new set of tools at our disposal. Maybe you think that using the Arc Cannon on your Stryder is better for you, or you never go outside without a Railgun on your Ogre. That’s ok! We find our own ways to play in games and do what we enjoy. What are you prefered loadouts? Got any tips for new pilots? Drop them in the comments box down below or shout them at me directly on Twitter @JamesKnack

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