The Humble Weekly Bundle: Do Not Support PewDiePie, Support the Charity.

It appears that the Humble Indie Bundle people have brought back PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) to host the most recent weekly bundle, which goes to support Save the Children. Felix utilises his astonishing 25 million subscriber base to try bring in crazy figures and sales, all of which goes to the charity.

There’s just one problem: that being Felix himself.

This is a man who thought it would be hilarious to scream and shout at the top of his lungs about rape or other moronic, non-humourous things. At the very end of 2012, he went on to apologise for his actions in a near nine minute video.

Actually, I should write the word ‘apologise’ with so many apostrophes and things around it, maybe add other notes with stars because of the disclaimers that are needed around the word, ‘apologise’, because he barely did that.

The video goes on for so long and the apology that actually matters isn’t till around the 6 minute mark, with it sandwiched in between a speech about how great he is because of all the charity work he’s done and his love for the fans.

He then threw away the argument as he said the usual routine of the ‘I never intended to offend’ dance and this:

“I apologised for it, even though people said we don’t care, it doesn’t matter, we understand that you’re joking.”

Your fans don’t count. Your fans who have an odd sympathy for you and from experience of actually interacting with them through Twitter look or act no older than a 16 year old still figuring out the world, do not count in this situation. How about the people you’ve truly offended, what did they say? How’d they act? I can tell you now, it’s probably the reason you never brought it up.

Oh, there’s also another surprise on top of this shitfest too! Can you guess?

Yes, if you go back to view the video now, you’ll find that by just searching for it, it’s completely hidden. YouTube’s ‘unlisted’ feature gives those with the link access, but renders it hidden from public searches. Now, it’s not actually that hard to find because of the 3+ million views, many, many responses and links to it, but for someone like me who has distanced themselves from Felix and that side of YouTube like the festering, endless plague pit that it has become, I was completely unaware that he’d done it. Until his fans told me.

Over and over again.

What they didn’t get was that he hadn’t really apologised and even if he did, then his apology was made completely moot by what was mentioned above and the fact that he still has the videos online, monetized.

Why? Maybe because he’s lying and money is a priority in all of this or maybe because he doesn’t really care. I’m going with option B and then option A.

With such a young audience and a large mass of them, it’s no surprise that he’s supporting Save the Children. A charity that in April last year released a report stating that in conflict zones, most victims of rape and sexual violence are children. They also have a focus on helping protect those children from being exploited or improper care.

Save the Children aren’t probably aware of his previous actions, but I am. You are. Most of us are. A lot of us care. No one has been apologised to and here’s Felix, parading around that he’s hosting a charity that tries to prevent what he was joking about.

It might also be a reason why in the Humble video, he never makes any mention to what Save the Children actually do, instead opting for jokes.

Rape isn’t a joke, it’s not dark humour or something you can just pass off in a 30 second apology that you hid from public view. It’s disgusting.

If you’re considering donating to this week’s Humble Weekly, I urge you not to. I urge you instead, to donate straight past the name PewDiePie and not give him the good press that this will probably transpire to. I urge you to donate through their website, whatever it was you were going to donate for some video games. You’ll be helping those in need, without helping Felix get anything out of it.

I urge you to do the right thing.

  • Your biggest fan

    Lol, you’re a sad sad man without any sense of humour or humility. I urge everyone not to give a damn about what a loser like you thinks.

    • Jody Lundy

      Let the trolling begin.

      There’s only so much idiocy some people can take, unfortunately.

      • N4GLaChance

        Eat a fucking dick, bitch! Quit dick-riding PewdiePie – you don’t give a F about the charity AT ALL, just like the other harlot above (GOATES).

        • Jody Lundy

          Wait. An insult-hurling internet troll cares about charity more than someone that discusses such topics using logic and understanding? Damn.

          Well you sure seem to care a lot about dick. Not that I’m judging.

  • ErikDandielsson

    Joel, you are clearly pathetic looser who’s envious of pewdiepie’s huge and increasing fan base. Looooooooooooooooser!

    • hot4jay_fever_2012

      it’s ‘loser’, not “looser” you illiterate 12 year old fanboy cunt.

  • Goates

    No sense of humour? A pathetic loser? Envious of Pewdiepie’s success?

    Oh yes, that’s definitely what is going on here people. That, or perhaps he’s making a point about the fact that rape is NOT a joke. We should not let people with a young target audience treat is as a joke. People like Pewdiepie who can influence young minds easily, are exactly the kinds of people who should NOT make jokes like this.

    This isn’t a matter of petty jealousy. It’s about educating the audience about what is right or wrong. If you can’t see beyond that then you’re simply an idiot. Not everyone in the world is out to get someone because they have it better.

    • N4GLaChance

      Kill yourself, BITCH. You are so fucking vain, like all his other [women] viewers. You don’t give a shit about the charity AT ALL.

      • And that, ladies and gentleman, has just summed up PewDiePie’s demographic in one single comment.

        • Absolutely Not Fish

          Just swinging by to say I love how politely this “fuck you” is written. I laughed considerably. But seriously, fuck N4G etc. and Felix.

          Hooooly shit, reading through the other comments has strangled my hope for humanity.

          • Some Guy With An Opinion

            One quote for you all, “Popularity never lasts forever, though it may sometimes seem that way.” People you will have your chance to say, “I told you so!”

      • Goates

        Oh dear, it seems like I have upset you with my opinion on Pewdiepie and in turn have caused you to believe I am one of his (female, that’s the word you were looking for) viewers. For this crime I must definitely kill myself as I am nothing more than a female dog who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about helping out other people (a.k.a. charity).

        Now let’s move on to what I actually addressed in my comment. Finding humour in rape and promoting it as a popular persona and whether or not it’s wrong. Let’s see what that actually entails.

        Q. Does me having something against rape jokes, have anything to do with not supporting charity?
        A. No, it means that I don’t believe rape jokes are ok. Never did I say that we should stop supporting charity. Perhaps supporting charity through Pewdiepie is a step I would partake in, however Pewdiepie isn’t the only “wonderful” person in this world capable of hosting charity events.

        Q. Does me having something against rape jokes, have anything to do with being female?
        A. No, because both men and women can be victims of rape. Therefore the insensitivity of the jokes applies to both genders.

        Q. Does me having something against rape jokes, have anything to do with me being a viewer?
        A. No, it means I am against rape jokes. I don’t view his videos. I never have because I don’t personally find him that entertaining. Neither do I think his gaming choices are always that interesting. As for actual intellectual value, I don’t think it has all that much, based on what I have seen. That doesn’t mean I believe he’s stupid or that others shouldn’t watch him. I just don’t feel like his content appeals to me.

        Now considering you’re most likely just an asshole trying to get me angry I’ll disregard the well thought through insults. Though I personally believe that I should suggest you to find something better to do with your time other than misinterpreting comments on the internet. Be it on purpose or per accident.

        Bottom line: I don’t have anything against Pewdiepie. I don’t find his videos enjoyable. Big deal. I just believe that if he still does make those jokes, he should stop and instead inform his audience about how terrible rape is and how it’s not a joking matter. If that means I should kill myself, then there’s something wrong with you rather than me.

        • Timhole

          Well said! I’d also like to point out that we’re all human. I don’t have to be the same gender, colour, nationality etc.. as someone to be affected by atrocities that have happened to them. Rape can affect anyone and it saddens me how much so many young people continue to trivialise it.

      • Mary Rachelle Chiasson

        And this is what a bro is all about! No more needs to be said.

      • Timmehh

        Now that was not necessary….

      • Paul Graham

        You and your type are the reason why mic mute was invented… The sooner you all disappear into obscurity the better. Can you even come up with anything clever, or is swearing, derogatory comments and rape jokes all you can manage from your dwindling brain cells?

        (Awaits answer that proves everyone’s point.)

      • Husky

        Oh want I great person YOU are. Telling someone to kill themselves beacuase support PewDiePie? Low man, low.

      • You are a sexist asshole

        Kill youself you asshole.
        You sexist ass.

      • FG

        Reported to the police.

      • are you serious?

        I think it is obviously the right thing to do to tell a supposed bitch (Who is not even close to being one) to kill themselves. Tell me, are you retards paid just to tell someone they ride someone who’s been cut down a lot when the first someone is trying to stop the conversation (that’s a long running sentence.) And yes, I’m trying to help Goates and Jody when they obviously don’t like pewdiepie but you’re saying they do, when it’s obvious you want to be fucked by him so much you defend by trolling other people who don’t like the youtuber(if he can be considered one with his crap-assed jokes and fanbase, which you’re a part of).
        If you love pewdiepie that much, go to his house at night and have his dick for dinner

      • thegrimdemon

        okay, i don’t agree with her either, but let’s not be sexist, or use bad language towards someone who has their own opinion.

      • thegrimdemon

        as an edit, i do agree with her, so you are just a bad person.

    • Timmehh

      Well, it appears that this article floated aimlessly into the wind because the charity campaign seems to be very successful.

      • Goates

        This article was never going to have an effect in first place. No matter how valid the points are, you can’t bring down someone big unless you are someone big. Even then, it’s tricky.

        At least a charity is getting something out of it.

    • Rainbow poop

      I agree

    • Jeremy

      He told a joke, fuck off.

      • Toolazytologin

        Man you dug pretty deep into the archive to find this.

  • MyBodyIsReady

    Yeah! Get a sense of humour! rape is hilarious! /s

  • Tim Hortons

    The only reason people support PewdiePie is because he’s “good looking”. Seriously, that’s the ONLY reason people like him. About 80% of the comments on his videos are from women (and some men) about how “HOT” he is. Seriously, you don’t have to scroll down far to see it.

    Also, if this was any other “average” gamer, people wouldn’t give a F about this specific charity. People who support PewDiePie should go kill themselves.

    • Jody Lundy

      I wouldn’t go as far as to call him ‘good looking’ to be honest…

    • koolaidan

      so supporting someone is a reason to tell someone to kill themselves because of his generosity what are u doing for charity how r u helping and someone killing themselves is not funny

    • Timhole

      You’re probably correct, but to be fair Tim, you might as well join them if you’re going to lower yourself to the level of wishing people commit suicide. We get that they have a problem, but I would prefer they were educated so they can eventually (hopefully) mature.

  • Craig Palmer

    I can’t believe people are still whining on about the whole Pewdiepie-rape-jokes thing, it makes you look pathetic with nothing else to do but complain about people’s previous mistakes. At the time the jokes were made he didn’t have that large a fanbase, and there’s plenty of even more offensive content on youtube that you should be complaining about.
    It’s clear that pewds has moved on from the whole fiasco, unlike you, who can’t seem to accept that people have moved on.
    Get a grip

  • TimBuckleyCAD

    Only stupid slutbags (like GOATES and Jody) and [email protected] have a hard-on for this crack-ass, man-child. Keep riding his dick, you c*ocksuckers – he’s not going to be around forever; once his money/popularity dwindles (hopefully soon), maybe y’all will suicide and leave this world for Hell.

    • Jody Lundy

      Uh, when did either of us say that we liked him? I certainly don’t.

    • Absolutely Not Fish

      I am 100% positive this is actually Tim Buckley from CAD, and not some mouth-breathing troll who has no idea who he’s really attempting to attack. Nice.

  • Talidan

    I’m not a fan of the dude, but he attracts a crowd, which is good for charity. Let people like him if they want, let charities benefit from it, stop being so butthurt about him. Just makes you seem just as annoying, if not more.


      Wow, you must love circle-jerking (with your buddies) when you watch his videos, [email protected] There are many other charities to choose from, so why choose one that includes this Youtube personality? Oh, because you’re in love with him. You probably have a closet shrine dedicated to him, lmao. Butthurt? Really? Seems like that’s all you PewDiePie defense force [email protected] can think of. STOP treating him like he’s some celebrity; that’s the problem with society and why it will continue to spiral out of control. YOU PEOPLE are so f*cking fanatical, you are all cult followers of some random dude who just happens to have a mic/webcam that can scream profanities that lure little children.

      • Talidan

        I say I’m not a fan, so that makes me a fan then? How dense are you? No, seriously, how retarded are you?

        I personally don’t give a damn about him. He’s unfunny and annoying, but people like him and so what? Especially when he’s utilizing that for a good cause. There’s nothing wrong with the guy. Don’t like him, don’t watch him. It’s as simple as that. I’ve seen maybe two things of his ever and that’s because a friend just had to show me. Never saw anything else again because I didn’t care for it. I’ve let people know that I don’t like him, so no one rubs him in my face anymore. It’s as easy as that.

        Hell, I came here to read this article because it was about Humble Bundle, not PewDiePie. I wasn’t expecting it to just be a hate article about some guy that has no effect on anyone that doesn’t watch his crap.

        I think you, and everyone else getting so upset over him, are acting really stupid about it. Quit crying about some annoying douche on Youtube, there’s no sense in it.

    • Paul Graham

      Okay, so go look up Jimmy Saville. The man was paying a fortune into children’s charities and on the other hand, abusing those children that were under the care of hospitals, homes and orphanages…

      Benefiting a charity under a bad cause does not make things right.

      • Talidan

        Yeah, totally rational to compare an annoying dude on Youtube to a child abuser. This is my point exactly. PewDiePie is just some shrieking douche on the internet, but everyone is all up in arms because of it, and to a degree that just does not make sense.

        He’s not a “bad cause”, he’s just a minor celebrity that acts like an idiot in front of a webcam, but gets enough attention that his face could draw some extra funds for charity. Is he touching kids in all his travels? Likely not; he barely moves from his computer.

        Let the fools who enjoy him enjoy him and just ignore him if you’re not one of them.

        • Paul Graham

          It’s a general comparison. There’s some people, whether through actions or by mouth, that minimalise the nature of heinous acts by their behaviours whether they joke about it or support charities or speak up against it after saying or doing something stupid.

          PewDiePie is one of these idiots with his horde of witless followers who copy what he does and says and in effect, talking about rape in the way he does desensitises it, no matter what your argument. In theory, he’s promoting it as some of these kids might think that it’s within their right to act it out as well as talk about it because hey, it’s nothing right?

          Ignore yes, but parents who are worried about their kids upbringing need to keep them well away from people like him and his fans too. If you can;t see that point of view, then you’ve not even listened to the other side of the argument properly.

          • Talidan

            There is a huge difference between actively participating in heinous acts and speaking lightly of them.

            What he does is no worse than just about any other celebrity, major or minor. Most of them are idiots with idiotic views and idiotic followers, but rarely does it actually cause a surge in behavior that falls in line with those views.

            Foo Fighters for the longest time were very loud disbelievers of HIV. Dave Grohl himself was incredibly outspoken about it, but not many adopted the same view because of it. Justin Bieber is publicly an asshole, and while fans defend him, I don’t believe there has been a rise in asshole tweens/teens due to him specifically. Even Jimmy Savile, did the majority of his listeners become pedophiles? I doubt it.

            As a teen, I was totally into Eminem and my mother was so worried I’d become a gay-hating, misogynistic, pot smoking dickhead. Never happened.

            And you’re talking about desensitization due to one lowly Youtuber, who will never attain the status and influence of any of the people I listed, on a site for video games. You know that there is loads of evidence that video games desensitize to violence and mature situations, right? You don’t see how it’s a little silly to be arguing about how bad the possibility of being desensitized by PewDiePie is when it’s all within the industry of video games?

          • Paul Graham

            I’m not saying that eventually all his fans will become the embodiment of his inane rambling. I’m saying that between him and the rest of the big mouth, no brain crowd out there, it stops people realising there’s taboos that just aren’t meant for joking with. Rarely, maybe, but rare is still evidence of occurrence.

            I’m mostly open minded in general for humour, but this one’s a no-no for me.

            Whatever you say, I was brought up with morals and I’d rather take the higher ground on the subject of whether rape is okay to poke fun at. Not to make light of people’s sufferings in this case.

            I’ve watched communities dissolve into absolute anarchy for the price of a laugh at someone’s expense that was sexually assaulted… Well done for supporting that or turning a cheek to it.

            Silly? No. It’s not about video games, it’s about the views of a boy that thinks slinging the word rape around is funny and has enough of a fanbase to spread that ignorance around, especially with such a young audience. As I say, if you keep arguing the case, then you obviously support his thoughts through negligence.

        • Timhole

          Paul was just pointing out the philanthropist does not equal saint.

          • Talidan

            And while that point is valid, the comparison to a rapist is completely unfounded. Making light of rape isn’t the same as raping children, and believing that everyone who follows the dude will behave just the same way is straight-up silly.

            We have countless movies, television series, video games, and plenty of Youtube channels, that joke about and/or make light of murder in all sorts of ways, but the number of people who follow those things and go out to kill people is probably very limited.

  • X1CloudPower

    You all say “support’ the charity, well there’s at least a ton of OTHER alternatives, but because you see “PewDiePie” attached to it, you all suddenly orgasm over it. Again, as someone already mentioned below, had it been any OTHER gamer, you wouldn’t give a F. Girl gamers are especially flocking to this like mindless sheep, hoping that (in their wildest dreams) he will drop his [current] girlfriend, and that they will suddenly have a chance with him. LMAO!

    Sooner or later he’s going to leave Youtube, and thanks to all the money you idiots keep throwing at him (either through viewing this ADs or actual donations) he’s going to walk away secure for the rest of his life. Instead of supporting REAL charities or.. I don’t know, using the money to support yourselves/family, you’d rather waste it on this [Branch-Davidian like] A-HOLE!

  • Cassie-bby

    Hmmm… I think he’s super hot! I’ll support whatever he’s doing ^_^
    Btw, to the people saying they don’t like him (because of the “rape joke”) he was JOKING. People aren’t allowed to joke any more? Oh my gosh. And he was soooo cute when he apologized about it; how can you NOT forgive him? *blushes*

    • hot4jay_fever_2012

      obvious troll is obvious.

  • Katie Shells

    Who cares! To all the haters, he’s GOOD LOOKING, and you aren’t! I’ll support whatever he does… this wonderful/hot man :)
    If he asks for $10, 000, loyal fans would do it!

  • CutiePie PDP

    If the KING of Youtube (obviously, PewDiePie) asks you to donate your entire life’s savings to this charity, you do it! Any fan would understand, the ends justify the means. Toby, Smosh, TheRadBrad, TheSwitcher, etc. don’t ever donate, so those guys are below the KING! Oh, and he’s way hotter than all of them combined! *wink*

  • 54321

    Does it matter what he did. All he is doing is supporting charity. Why should the past matter. You are only trying to ruin this event just because you don’t like him. Get a life you sad and jealous moron! You are so greedy and horrible because you are trying to stop charity. And for every one of you dick heads, there are 1000 people who support him. Get a life!

  • ayannaaki

    Somebody is jealous.

  • Uloser

    Can’t believe you are such a moron who would post something like this. Jealous much?

  • Amy

    I understand that pewdiepie isn’t for everyone, he’s just a guy like everyone else. I support do support him though, because his humour helps people in little ways. I am a victim of rape and sexual abuse, but the humour is what helps me not fall to depression. It’s my way of dealing with my problems, but i get that it’s not a way for everyone to cope with it, but it’s my way.

    • Timhole

      Do you realised that those kinds of jokes only serve to normalise rape and make it harder for people to talk about what has happened to them without it being seen as some kind of joke?

      • Guest

        Did you seriously just try and tell an actual rape victim how she should feel and act regarding rape jokes? I think she has more of a right to make that decision than you.

      • thegrimdemon

        timhole is right

  • zarr

    I don’t see the point in this rant. Pewdiepie’s a good guy. Sure he’s made some mistakes, but haven’t we all? He’s trying to do a good thing for charity, and your attempting to turn people away.

    If people don’t want to donate through the humble bundle they won’t. But don’t tell people not to because your not a fan of pewds.

  • Drake

    Right…everyone just calm down.
    Lets just ask this…

    Can you do anything with your ‘big’ influence and popularity?
    Nope, I don’t think so.

    So, lets just leave the guy be, okay? Why is it people just use the internet now to hate on everyone else???

  • The67Go

    Here come the delusional as fuck PewDiePie fans to support their beloved hero.

  • Daimyan

    PewDiePie simply reacts to his games, like if a normal average human being where to react to someone scaring them. Felix has tried to stop his comments that offend most people but it isn’t a serious offense. He jokes sarcastically and makes fun of people who hate him for it. Felix’s work is not completely separate from his videos but this makes Humble Weekly Post is completely biased, PewDiePie doesn’t mean to offend, he simply has tried to not react so creatively offensive. Another thing to mention is, who brings up, “If you’re considering donating to this week’s Humble Weekly, I urge you not to.” if you would have straight out there cared for this charity. You would would most defenitly send out a link not this–> “If you’re considering donating to this week’s Humble Weekly, I urge you not to.”

    • Joel

      ” I urge you instead, to donate straight past the name PewDiePie and not give him the good press that this will probably transpire to. I urge you to donate through their website,whatever it was you were going to donate for some video games.”

      Quoted, straight from the article with the hyperlink is inside the article itself.

      Please read.

      • koolaidan

        okay so helping some less fortunate kids is bad because pewds is internet famous so that makes him a villain or are u jealous that while you’re trolling internet people hes making money and your making Jacksquat reply joel to show u aint a coward troll

  • Some Guy With An Opinion

    Instead of hating each other, why can’t we just say that Felix has done some things wrong and that he CAN get back to having a good reputation by influencing his viewers in a positive way. How about that?

  • lolkid

    Wow jealous much

  • Arishwin

    But PewDiePie is also promoting the young audience to support charity.

  • Nothingnone

    The face of the matter is that the boy who wasted his time writing this article is a degenerate and a product of incest. That pretty much sums it up.

  • Oh hi

    Wow, only people like you can turn something positive into something so negative. Yes he’s obviously made mistakes – but who hasn’t? He’s using his popularity to help raise money for a charity. I see no negative in that. Not a fan of him in general but his campaign raised a ton of money and probably will/has helped many people. Do not understand this article, despite the mildly immature and offensive jokes (which he apologized for) he has actually contributed to the benefit of society. Can you say the same?

  • Someone

    I forget how I even got here… you know, since I like Pewds and I definitely wasn’t looking for this shit…

  • JeB

    I enjoy following Pewdiepie’s videos just like anyone enjoys following a TV show. There is nothing wrong with being entertained and each is their own concerning whatever entertains them. Some people are (obviously) for Team Pewds and some are against Team Pewds. As far as that is concerned what does it matter to anyone what we take from something? Offense is best left for subjectivity. We live in the 21st century where certain words and phrases have become disempowered through overuse. Rape is not a laughing matter, but neither is racism, obesity, ethnicity, war, and even terrorism. But how many jokes have been and are made concerning the aforementioned subjects? Countless amounts. For those of you who are just going to rant about rape jokes should perhaps consider the bigger picture – that no one alive (or dead for that matter) is untouchable from the ass end of a joke. I sure don’t see any complaints about other offensive jokes Felix (or anyone else for that matter) has made, but drop the R bomb and oh boy the whole world (wide web) blows up. As far as Felix’s younger audience – this is really dependent on the parents of the young audience. Parents have an obligation to know what their children are doing online – its really no different than the shit that goes down at recess everyday, you know like when the teachers aren’t around to listen to what filthy things the kids talk about these days. Censorship is kind of double edged sword – hide everything behind closed doors and the first thing an adolescent wants to do is open the door. As a parent if you are not ok with your child being exposed to taboo subjects then do your damn part and keep them out of it. If you are ok with it then take charge of what your children are doing and guide them properly. It’s better to know something exists and know how to cope with it then just to turn up the blinders and live in Disneyland. Pewdiepie is just making a living doing something he enjoys and that just happens to be recording himself being silly while playing video games. If he did not have the internet fame and attention that he currently holds we would not be discussing this (or at least not about him). Is Felix not allowed to help charity just because he made a few jokes? That just seems ridiculous, whether or not he himself actually cares about the charity or not. If he really doesn’t care about the charity then this whole thing really boils down to self-promotion, which again means who fucking cares? Any entrepreneur in their right mind would find ways of self promotion – people do it all the time: actors, political leaders, musicians, athletes, etc. This whole stink really just seems like someone looking for something to write about and share their opinion, but people sure do seem to be getting pretty upset over spilt milk. I suppose the moral lesson behind this is that if you are someone who takes offense easily then perhaps the internet is not the best place for you.

  • Ashton

    There are a lot of people that make jokes about rape not just pewdiepie!

  • Husky

    Wait, what is the point of this article? This whole rape-joke thing was over a year ago. I don’t get it why do they even have to bring it up. So yeah he probaly shouldn’t have made that comment but its gone now , dead and buried the whole situation. Well it was.

    But why Felix? Hundreds of other celebs say offensive, derogatory things and where are there long articles? They make loads of comments about subjects like, cancer,rape,homosexuals and other races- you can’t just blame it all on felix. So hop to it Joel go write about a thousand other articles about people saying offensive things.

    Joel or whoever wrote this must have quite a vendetta against him. This whole thing makes him seem like a terrible, awful person who doesn’t deserve followers etc.This guy and his followers have raised so,so,so much for charity and you can’t take that away from him.

  • Chuck norris

    nerdable ur gay ur mom got raped by me chuck norris and dont u day say shit about pewdiepie or ill rapee ur mon ur wife and ur sister

  • darack100

    JEEZ NO ONE CARES!! he is just trying to help people is that so bad for a famous guy just to have a laugh without being criticized about it? He doesn’t mean to be that way it’s just the way people like him and that’s why he does it. Plus just saying but it’s up to the parent’s to what the younger audience’s see and hear and clearly this guy must love what he does and people criticize him even for that and that’s sort of bullying on a more supreme guy (not that we arnet all equal hear) but what I am REALLY trying to say is he might be sometimes be a bit of a spaze and might say wierd thing’s but he is a really cool and good guy and in some of his video’s when he does say stuff like that he tell’s the viewers not to say that… sorry for the spelling’s :)

  • Peaceman

    Why cant every one shut the FUCK UP and just let people do what they want, watch what they want, and say what they want. I am serious, people do not need to bicker on the internet about pewdiepie, who is just another person just like you! He has inalienable rights, just like you, so if he wants to make jokes about sex, let him! If he deserves something bad for what he does then it will come naturally. But all of the people who complain about pewdiepie, are being idiotic. If you think letting children watch pewdiepie is bad, then wouldnt you think you should rant on spongebob for all of the cruel bullying scenarios and everything in exsistence? Saying pewdiepie is a terrible person, is like saying, the real world is a terrible place and people shouldnt see it.

  • Adam

    seriously, this is such a dick move, he is doing something good, people enjoy his videos. if you know he jokes about stuff you dont like then dont watch him. he was just trying to get the people who do watch his vids to go support the cause.

    • Peaceman

      Thank god there are normal people in here who now how to sit back, relax, and not act like they are as innocent as baby jesus on the internet, then do exactly what they just complained about like you. If these angry people would just calm down and think, thry would understand, they are just like pewdiepie. People with souls, feelings, and dreams. At least those people are having a good time hating on him. But i doubt that they are having as good a time as pewdiepie is.

  • Connor

    You can’t nitpick humor; either everything is okay, or nothing is okay. Sure, rape is a very serious thing, but so was 9/11 and the Holocaust, and people make numerous jokes about both of those events all of the time (depending where you are located – physically or virtually – of course). As well, the point of humor isn’t always to ridicule and mock; it can be used as a tool to take exceedingly depressing situations and help lift the spirits of others that are involved. I’m not saying that this is what PewDiePie was thinking when he joked about rape, but the point still stands. Pewds thought he was in a setting in which he could make those jokes, but he clearly learned otherwise; we all make mistakes. Pewds appears to be very mindful during his Let’s Plays, which makes it appear that he does care.
    Bottom line: humor is subjective, even when dealing with taboo subjects.

  • Donald

    You my friend are a sad, sad human being.

  • Fuck you

    Hello troll.
    Do not give a fuck about Pewds if you don’t like him.
    So I am sorry, but just shut the hell up.
    Fucking trolls.

  • Ryan Shimizu

    Keep in mind, people can change. We aren’t robots that are being commanded by someone higher than us. People have minds of their own and they can change if they feel it is right. How do you know PewDiePie is lying? His fanbase? They can say whatever they want to say. But I understand some people DO lie in this world, but I’m just saying give PewDiePie another chance to prove himself to us. To prove that he really DID take this into consideration and took steps to be a better person.

  • Daniel

    Bro, it’s his Own Decision Let’s Respect Him everyone has the right to express what they feel.
    Just to clear things. He did that apology video for the things he has done wrong in the past. We know some people don’t get his jokes or get sense on what his doing. but the point is He’s trying to be happy It’s not about his Job. he wants us to be happy. Yeah, Surely you can’t please anyone. The Charity is another story. It’s okay to hate him just because you look down on him because he’s a douche bag. but for him, his helping other people. And he can’t do it on his own. that’s why he seeks help. Go bash him, Call him a Duck(that’s offending, okay i am gonna shut up) but never he’s kind works to other needy people.

  • gray

    He is using whatever he can to support a good cause. Sure, he’s made mistakes–but seriously, do all you others wanna tell me what you’re straight up perfect? Do you have the cheek to come tell the world that you’ve offended absolutely NO ONE? All people will have their screw ups. Sure, Felix gets some attention. But after all, without his help, do you think the charity is going to benefit this much? Nope. So to all the haters, I don’t know why you’re hating on assisting children.

  • bleugh

    The guy who made this entire article really has a lot of spare time on his hands, hm?

  • Barry Oats

    If you get offended at things that are not directed at you, you’re an idiot just looking for reasons to be angry. The fact is you probably love to hate, so you look for things that you don’t like so you can talk about it.

    Come on… imagine if everybody that had a family member murdered by gunshots got offended at GTA. Or if every soldier got offended at COD. If people just chilled out and stopped getting offended by anything… it would be an easier world to live in.

  • Jetstream-sama

    People astonish me, genuinely…and I’m a drugs counsellor…if you cannot abide Felix Kjellberg, do not contribute to his viewing figures, his voluminous subscribers list and his altruistic projects. Take your envy, your spite, your news-mongering gutter-press sh*t and tell it to your therapist.

    He’s a human being, a guy trying his utmost to stay grounded amidst the whirlwind of fame, money and corruption that could ensnare him.

    Lay off him, for Christ’s sake. The media will force him into retirement and mediocrity eventually, until then, at least let him try and do what he enjoys doing.

    The guy who wrote this article, by the way, is a tool. Envy is very, very ugly.

  • harinezumi

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t it been a while since Pewdiepie made one of those jokes?
    The man may be a massive idiot, but people do have the capacity to change, jfc.

  • Jeremy

    As usual, people get offended by every fucking thing. The PC bullshit is taking over.

  • Jeremy

    The PC police out in full force.

  • Jeremy

    In 2014 you cannot say anything without some annoying jerk off being offended. They should change the name of this country to the United States of Being Offended.

  • Guest

    Remember, folks; Making controversial jokes makes you a bad, evil, irredemable person, even if you realize you screwed up, apologized for making those jokes in the first place and stopped making them for good, which would indicate that you learned from your past mistakes and you tried to rectify them (which he did, over 2 years ago), but since you made said mistakes in the first place, you’re bad and will always be bad. Oh, and those charity fundraisers to help thousands of people in need while spreading awareness of world-wide issues to millions totally doesn’t make up for it.

    Telling people not to donate to said charities that would help people in need simply because of your personal biases against a person, however, is perfectly a-Okay. Nothing wrong with that. You’re just saying that your irrational hatred towards someone is more important than the needs of those who are suffering. Not a big deal at all. Seriously though, even people who don’t like Pewdiepie’s content/channel should call Joel out for this genuine douchebaggery.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but while I do agree that rape is no laughing matter, I am going to have to concur with the “Bros” that this article is butthurt. It is one thing to condemn PewDiePie’s former liberal use of crying rape, but this article is a whole new level.

    A lot of people joke about really offensive things, too. It does not necessarily mean that they think it is not a big deal. I am sure PewDiePie does not think rape is nothing serious, any more than the “kill Justin Bieber” jokers think that the untimely deaths of innocent youth do.

    His last rape joke was in 2012, and he has made them “Unlisted” as you say. He HAS apologized outside of his video, too:

    Yes, it’s true. Rape jokes are not something you should be making to a younger audience. Nevertheless, sadly, rape jokes are rife in society, and simply targeting PewDiePie for his use of rape jokes is unfair considering that many other programmes have used rape jokes, even many of which have a similar demographic, such as Family Guy. The difference between such programmes and PewDiePie is that PewDiePie has backpedaled, apologized and made an effort to hide the videos from the public, while other similar shows continue to profit and reair those offensive moments on broadcast TV.

  • heplaysvideogames

    How many comedians make even worse jokes and people laugh their asses off. Some hate BC of personal experience which would be understandable. Others just have anger and jealousy very strong in their emotional bank. He’s playing video games and comments for laughs. I highly doubt he’s an advocate of rape and other nefarious crimes. He may be a little ignorant. Who isn’t these days, honestly? If you’re sitting there thinking “not me.” Ya might be more ignorant than most.

  • Rose

    Everyone should stop being so butthurt on what Pewdiepie says and does. If a normal person made a rape joke nobody would care, but once it is Pewdiepie who is making the joke everybody makes a huge deal about it and posts really rude stuff over the internet. I don’t think Pewdie really realizes his influence over the young generation, and he was just trying to be funny or likewise. No one should blame him for being a bit immature, because when you think about it, are you TRULY getting offended by his jokes, or do you just think you should feel offended because rape is a bad thing. i know people who have had unwanted sexual encounters and still love Pewdiepie, regardless of what jokes he makes. Everyone should just lay back on the criticism.

  • Anna

    This article is cancerous.