Skylanders has changed the boundaries of game retail for several years now. Combining the fun of playing a game seamlessly with physical action figures seems like magic to some of its young target audience, and for Activision it’s been magically lucrative netting the publisher a sweet $2 billion so far. That figure now is likely to grow as the fourth entry of the series, Skylanders Trap Team, will be hitting stores in October.

In keeping with the tradition of using a unique selling point with every sequel, Trap Team implements a Trap system. Players will use another new Traptanium portal (which is backwards compatible with all previous figurines) to slot in special Traps. During gameplay when a special powerful villain is defeated they can be captured in the Trap and then summoned back into the world to fight for the forces of good.  Each trap is aligned to an element though so you’re going to need the corresponding water element trap to capture that big water villain you just defeated.

The system will not only allow players to take characters from the game and jam them into a real life trap though. Due to the Traps being slotted into the portal a tag team combat mechanic opens up to allow for seamless switching between your Skylander and captured enemy. How traps will be sold and whether you can store more than one villain in a trap or if it’s a trap per villain is still unknown. The idea of it though is likely to interest a number of Pokemon fans what with the catch ’em all system.


It wouldn’t be a Skylanders release without new figures too, so Toys For Bob (who have returned to developing the series after Vicarious Visions managed last years Skylanders Swap Force) will have a whole new class of Skylander to buy, named the Trap Masters. These figures will hold special and incredibly powerful crystal weapons as well as coming out alongside a new cast of standard Skylanders. Long time franchise fans will also be pleased to know that a selection of their favourite Skylanders will be released, reposed. This brings the total of new Skylanders for the game to 50, a staggering number when you factor in that there’s already 175 figures available.

Skylanders Trap Team_Chopper 2

If you want to see them in action check out the full UK trailer above.

Skylanders Trap Team will be launched in North America on October 5th 2014 and Europe October 10th 2014 on Wii, WiiU, 3DS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps3 and PS4.

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